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Any one heard of VPS Wala?
I've just applied for a free VPS with VPS Wala.  Does any one else know anything about the host?  I learned about them at this Website:

So far so good.  They have a thriving Website at this URL:

I managed to apply for a free service.  They did ask for my personal address and phone number, but not more info than one is asked anywhere else.  They didn't ask for credit card info.  They also politely asked whether they may send notifications to me, which I assented to as I'm curious to know what their offers are.

So lets see what will happen.  Sounded like a good name for me for a free or cheap VPS service.

I'm going to wait to see how it progresses, and if not will try the following free VPS suggestion by the same advice:

Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
AFAIK they're scam. I would say go check it out but probably it's a scam. If you would like to get a VPS, I recommend checking They're pretty cheap and sponsoring Laravel (so can be trusted)

Anyway, it's a dead forum. Why are you even bother to ask here? XD
Thanks to Limitless Hosting and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!

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