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AquaHarmony - Development
Pokémon AquaHarmony

Pokémon AquaHarmony is a fan game created using RGSS, a derivative of Ruby, in the program RPG Maker XP. AquaHarmony features a custom resolution making it optimal for larger than life interfaces and richer detail. Travel to the Rheno Region where you will discover a new story, characters, creatures and never before seen features in a Fan Game. The Rheno Region is divided up into three sections with rich biomes with diverse creatures both new and old.

You start your journey in Alpine Town, a small town in the south west portion of the region. There you will meet your rival and the Region's Professor who will pair you up with your first partner. The quiet Rheno Region will not stay quite for long as a crime organization begins to pull strings from the shadows attempting to awaken an ancient power native to the Region. Travel far and wide collecting Pokémon, taking on the Rheno League, training your partners and keeping the fragile balance of the Rheno Region in check. Will you, your Pokémon and Rival be able to harness the power of the region to save it?

AquaHarmony features new interfaces and mechanics not yet featured in a Fan Game with more being developed to enhance game play! Features include, but not limited to:
- Player v. Player Battles
- Global Trading System
- Player Messaging
- New Evolution Methods
And More!


[Image: artboard_4_by_alexvond_defu3oo-pre.jpg?t...c2BEty_K1c] [Image: menu_screen_by_alexvond_defu3o0-pre.jpg?...CsK5N-zV_Y] [Image: artboard_6_by_alexvond_defu3oi-pre.png?t...V1CBp0Yj0o] [Image: artboard_7_by_alexvond_defu3of-pre.jpg?t...cgXLoZiyiw]
* Screenshots are currently Interfaces in progress, they do not reflect finalized features or gameplay mechanics.

Pokémon Essentials - Maruno, Piccoli and others
NetProtocols - Burka
Graphics, Maps, Story, Scripts - @tbelldesignco
Thank you to CubeData and Posts4VPS for the services of VPS 8.

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