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Has any one taken Ivermectin or knows of someone who used it?
(06-09-2021, 07:26 PM)deanhills Wrote: Hydroxychloroquine was the drug before Ivermectin that got imported illegally in huge quantities in South Africa right at the start of Covid 19 in 2020. It didn't take off however as somehow there wasn't as much interest in it as with Ivermectin.  There were medical practitioners who swore by Ivermectin and after lots of pressure from the public here Government allowed Ivermectin to be prescribed but "at own risk" and under strict supervision of a medical doctor.

Today I bought myself some NEEM capsules (250 mg leaf extract) and will start this tomorrow as preventative "medicine".  Found another scientific article on NEEM.  I'm not a strong believer, but at least with Neem as a health product, one can't go that much wrong, and who knows, maybe there could be some benefits.  Real use for it in South Africa is for acne and skin, but if one checks the scientific article below, looks like there are many other benefits to be had:

You will have to tell me how your skin improves, I've been having horrible acne for the past couple months just with stress and my autoimmune condition. Speaking of Ivermectin, I actually have to go pick some up for my dog tonight haha.
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