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Make money every single qualified member you refer
Greetings, it's been while since i last post about Review on this "Make Money" section which was suggested by someone from our community i was also agree with his/her idea, sorry i don't remember the person.

Now i bring another site where you can earn money by referring a qualified member. They pay 1$ for each qualified member you referred.

Note, Before we begin the discussion I'd like to tell 2 major points.
1. I haven't test it yet but i'm posting because i personally asked alot of people and they give positive review about it but still we can't say it's legit or scam.
2. They don't pay for every people refer, they only pay for qualified members, Qualified members exampled below.

What is Qualified Member? is member from tier 1 countries such as US,Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.
People i asked about this site review they said if you referring anyone else ask them to use US VPN.

More you will know about it after you watched their videos. The site have 5 steps (videos) but all you need refer qualified members (AFAIK)

Here is the site URL: 
Click Here (ref link)
non-ref link

I'd like to mention again i haven't test the site personally yet, I will test. He (founder) said in the video if you don't know marketing then Step 4 specially for you. so maybe there is another way to earn on step 4.

Terms & Conditions
1. You earn USD $1.00 for every Qualified Member that you refer.

2. A Qualified Member is a referral who:

Resides in either: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
Uses a real email address (e.g. no fake emails or disposable emails)
Confirms their account
Actually uses their account/membership
Passes our spam/scam filter
3. You get paid once per week on Thursday (AEST/Sydney Time)

4. Minimum payout is $20.

5. You do not get paid for: spam leads, bot leads, fake leads, disposable email leads or signing up under your own referral link.

Good luck everyone, if anyone else success let's us know your review. Remember this i know we've to attach proof to post here in "Make Money" section but i'm posting after discussed more then 10 people about this site.

Let us know your review so we can decide. I'm saying again this thread without review and proof.
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
Thanks to VirMach for Sponsorship and Thanks Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 9

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