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[PENDING] Give a OS list for each VPS plan
Thanks @LightDestory

I read.... errm, tried to skim through the previous posts. But if all these info were there then i am afraid it didnt work.

Thanks and an upvote for it. i didn`t notice that we had so many KVM vps without control panel.

nah. It is not possible to install from iso image dumped on hdd partition if you dont have a vnc session that runs from outside. which we can only have from control panel interface.

Also, it seems once the list is ready, it wont need much changing at all.

It is a good suggestion and I support it. But {everything that comes before the but know the rest }

for one thing, very few will read and decide beforehand and not ask the staff. though staff can then point to the list.

and second point is if the big guy is after making a cp for all these no - cp vps then i think that should take precedence. Thanks .
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its a good and not good idea, because if the sponsors will change the os plans for vps then the staff will keep waste time for changing the vps os details. if they have enough time to deal with it every day then i support this suggestion
Suggestion neither rejected or approved - status changed to "pending".  Suggest we wait until time is available for staff - and we can then revisit this thread.
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