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PlayStation 4 Kernel Exploit FW 7.02
[Image: Nd6juAO.png]

The PS4 jailbreak scene is getting active and slowly gaining traction again!

A few days ago the legend of the PS4 jailbreak scene developers the fl0w has released a kernel exploit that is present in PlayStation 4 firmware up to version 7.02. Here is the tweet that kicked it all up again. This new kernel exploit is the first news in the PS4 jailbreak scene since around two years. The last big thing was the kernel exploit for firmware 5.05/5.07 (which til today is still the most stable and widely spread exploit in the PS4 jailbreak scene). After the firmware 5.05/5.07 the scene was kind of silent and depressed. Many rumors came up regarding that developers have already exploits for higher firmware versions but won't release them for reason X. And a lot of negative vibes have been coming up against the developers. The scene was pronounced "dead" by its own members and has turned into a toxic community.

The new kernel exploit that works til firmware version 7.02 is based on a security hole inside the IPv6 stack of the BSD kernel used in the PlayStation 4 OS (it is based on FreeBSD after all). Sadly the kernel exploit alone cannot be used to jailbreak a PlayStation 4 console! You need a entry point at userland (the normal user level that you have access too when using the PS4). A entry point in a lot of cases so far has been the PS4 web browser. The web browser is based on Webkit and the Webkit browser engine also has holes in it. The latest webkit exploit that is available is on PS4 firmware 6.72. What does that mean? Well, it means that while the kernel exploit is good til version 7.02 it is not going to be available for that firmware version until a entry point in that firmware has been found.

And that also means that the next fully exploited firmware version will be 6.72. FW 6.72 has a webkit exploit and can use the 7.02 kernel exploit to achieve a full jailbreak. Currently a full exploit chain is in development. A full exploit chain is needed for a user to be able to run the webkit exploit that injects a payload into the kernel that executes the kernel exploit to jailbreak the console. This is not as easy as it sounds. This whole process is not really stable at the beginning. Developers are looking for ways to make the whole process more stable and easy to handle. For the FW 5.05/5.07 exploit the process needed a long time to get as stable as it is. Currently HEN 2.1.1 (the exploit chain Homebrew Enabler) is the most stable way of jailbreaking a PS4 with FW 5.05/5.07. It took a lot of time to get as perfected as it is now. Old versions have many kernel panics when being run (this is when it is unstable and will cause a kernel panic that leads to the PS4 crashing).

I own a original PS4 with FW 5.05 and HEN 2.1.1 cached offline. It is a great fun console made possible by jailbreaking and homebrew. Hopefully a full exploit chain for FW 6.72 will come soon Smile .

More about the news:
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