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SEO for Small Businesses & Beyond
(05-25-2021, 04:14 AM)Littlemaster Wrote: Instead of working on other sites to build our image, it is always better to work on our sites to build our image. Having traffic from other sites are important, but keeping the visitors subscribed to our website is the most important thing. Once we get users who are in love with our website they will provide feedback automatically to others through various ways. If our website is low quality and people do not like the content then there is a big chance they will leave the site.
Nowadays keyword stuffing is used by many blogs. But they are damaging their image by fooling the visitors. So a visitors will never click on such url again in search results. Link building has merits but focus on the quality of our sites.

Very much this, I had to explain this to a client that stuffing keywords into their site is not going to help visibility and will more than likely hurt it, on my website, blog posts are thoughtfully tagged and where I get a lot of my SEO traffic is from using ALT descriptors on my images. You're able to hit more readers just by adding a short description on an image and in doing so you are also making your site more accessible for folks that may be vision impaired.

One thing I have been working on for TBCMS is SEO optimization features built in and a focus of helping content creators, web developers and business owners optimize their websites for organic traffic, but also I want my business and offerings to feature adaptive design and opportunities for all.
Thank you to CubeData and Posts4VPS for the services of VPS 8.
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