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Why are posts in the support forums not counted?
(01-16-2020, 02:45 PM)Dynamo Wrote: The whole purpose of disabling post count for support forums is to get rid of unnecessary support threads which basically meant to simply increase postcount and increase load on the helper's side.Think of a situation where thread creator simply creating threads there to increase post count which he might already would have googled the solution, thinking why to google when it leads to increase of postcount if I post at the support forum......

Thank you for letting us know your actual concern.

But disabling post count would definitely discourage helpers to contribute their valuable efforts.

As a suggestion, we may enable the post count for the "VPS Support" forum just like it should normally be, but also add a new forum rule to penalize users if they create threads in support forums for any issue having solutions that can easily be found by simple google searches.

That should be a positive way to address this particular concern.

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