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cyberpanel + webmin = fastest web server ever
I sort of stumbled on this by accident, but in my opinion it's just too good not to share. If you're already in the know, then you know. If not, keep reading.

I discovered recently, quite by accident, that I have 2 VPS in the same datacenter, and on the same node. The ping time between the two is ~.3ms, so very low latency. I decided to try and take advantage of this coincidence by setting these two servers to work in concert.

I've been very impressed with cyberpanel, having used it for a couple months now. It's very clean and intuitive; but it's a bit on the heavy side for a minimalist such as myself.

Webmin is a sturdy well known web server admin panel that's been in development for years. It's  lighter than cyberpanel, but also  less user friendly.

So what I did as an experiment, just to see how it would perform, was set up in webmin a remote database for my cyberpanel installation, making sure to set user and database permissions so the db server can only be accessed from the web server.  I then did a custom install of cyberpanel, leaving out the services I can offload (dns, FTP, email). What I found at the end was the best of both worlds.

All I can say at this point is WOW. OpenLightSpeed Web Server, left doing nothing but serving web pages, with another nearby server handling database queries, moves remarkably fast. Like spooky fast. Ludicrous speed. I knew as soon as I installed wordpress and started looking through themes and plugins I was on to something. I haven't ever seen wordpress move that way on a remote server. It's almost as fast a local install.

The backend for cyberpanel, with a standard install, isn't bad. It pretty peppy, and won't leave you twiddling your thumbs. With remote database implemented on the same node, it's about twice as fast.

Don't believe it? I probably wouldn't either, if I hadn't seen it. Keep reading.

What I'm curious about now is how well it will perform under a bit of strain - more than I can stress it on my own. So here's an offer for the community: for a limited time only. If any respected members of the community want to try out cyberpanel with no risk, I'll be happy to set you up with a user account on my cyberpanel vps.

A few notes about this offer:

*For now, it is only available to respected community members
*This is a minimal setup. There is no DNS, FTP, or email. You need to be comfortable working with a file manager to manage your website, and able to set DNS records at your domain registrar.
*I can make you a subdomain if needed.
*you can use sendmail for transactional emails
*It's hosted on a couple small vps. All server resources are to be considered 'fair share'. What this means is that everyone gets a fair share - if you are getting more than your fair share, preventing others from getting their fair share, you may be removed.
*this is an new, experimental service. I am an amateur admin. You should literally expect everything to fall apart at any moment, and be surprised if it doesn't.
*servers located in Los Angeles, USA. Anything you place on the server must comply with US law.
*limited resources mean that available accounts will be delivered on a first-come first-served basis.
*servers and domain are paid until 9/2021. Consider it a small miracle if the service is still available at this time next year.
*I'm one person, not a large company. Anything can happen at any time. If I get struck by lightning or some other crazy accident, the service could disappear with 0 notice. You should expect this to happen and be prepared for it.
*I will be watching like a proud parent for any sign of abuse or misuse. Legitimate use only. Testing is legitimate. Experimentation is legitimate. Porn is not legitimate. Your personal file server is not legitimate. Common sense should be applied.

Lastly, I prefer to make this offer available to persons who haven't yet had an opportunity to try cyberpanel. I'm not personally involved with cyberpanel, but I'm very impressed with how it performs, and I'm happy to promote it over greedy cpanel.

If you want to try it out, here's all I ask.
1. Respected community members only. If you are a hosted member, you qualify. If you are not hosted but feel you are a respected community member, I'll happily review your request.
2. Send me a pm with an estimate of your hosting requirements in terms of disk space/ bandwidth.
3. In your pm include a  description of what type of website/service you intend to host. Indicate if you require a subdomain.
4. make a post on p4v displaying your work, when you have something worth showing.

Why am I doing this? Two main reasons:

1. I got lucky on Black Friday with a some free VPS during a holiday giveaway. As I got them for free, this is my way of giving back. I don't like the idea of selling something I didn't pay for.
2. I think it could turn into a good learning opportunity. Research is great. Experience is often better. Your account on the server is selfishly for my own education and personal benefit. You will break things and I will have to fix them. That's how I will learn. Throw a wrench at it. Give it hell.

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