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phpMyAdmin Troubles
I have been working on getting phpMyAdmin installed and have looked through a few threads here that @Hidden Refuge had posted along with some other spots around the web and I am getting the run around with this software! The general consensus I found was do NOT use a repository to install the package, as many people have been hitting a 403 Forbidden error and the packages tend to be out of date. I opted for the manual install, per Hidden's recommendation and I am still having issues. Here is what I have done thus far:

- I downloaded phpMyAdmin 4.9.5 from their site using wget
- Extracted the the tar ball in /var/www/html (Web Server Document Root for CentOS)
- Edited and renamed the file to
- Modified the permissions of the folder and contents to be owned by root

I am still hitting a 403 error and I am not sure what what my options are or where my mistake lands. Any help would be appreciated so I can get up and running! Thanks!
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@deanhills you can go ahead and close this post! I was able to figure it out with some ingenuity, for folks that may wonder on to this down the road here is what I did.

Following the steps above using CentOS 7, make sure to install MySQL and make sure it is the most up to date version.
- Place the phpMyAdmin folder in /var/www/html
- I created a folder called public_html just to keep things straight and sorted down the line and modified my httpd.conf file to reflect that I want public_html to be my document root
- Since everything is now pointing to public_html you will want to create a symbolic link "ln -s /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin/ /var/www/html/public_html/phpMyAdmin/"
- Restart httpd using "systemctl restart httpd" and voila!

Thank you to @HiddenRefuge for your helpful tips and tricks you have posted, that really helped lay the ground work for everything.
Thank you to CubeData and Posts4VPS for the services of VPS 8.
Glad you figured it out @tbelldesignco.  You're brave to tackle the issue this way.  When I started my experience with VPS in 2014 I went with free panels and haven't moved away from it yet.  If you Google our Forum you may find some info about them.  Panels are of course as good as the hands on running of it by owners to keep it up to date.  That may change from day to day.

For current @ikk157 strongly recommends Cyberpanel.

VestaCP used to be a great panel, however if you check the discussion it is no longer well supported by the owner.  However, there are a couple of VestaCP enthusiasts who have created and are maintaining forks.  VestaCP is my choice for now.

- closed -
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