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Full Version: VPS 5 - Sponsor increases hard disk space to 300 GB HDD
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This is to inform every one that VPS 5 hard disk space has been increased from 100 GB HDD to 300 GB HDD.

We thank the sponsor of VPS 5, for his generosity. Cool
Damn, Thanks but i suggest in the future if your company grow (hope so) switch your VPS/Dedicated to SSD drives. Personally i tested SSD on my brother's computer it's really fast, It take a second to turn on the PC. Otherwise my pc take almost a minute also HDD 70% always in used even if your 1 tab browser opened because it's really know. I know you may i already know about it. But when i personally used it, it's really dope.
I would rather have more space than ssd for all my own use cases. For huge mathematical calculations, even ssd can't supply fast enough for me. But in all the other uses i am quite happy with hdd.

Anyways. Thank you Manal. Even though I do not use vps 5, I am really excited about this development. Im sure all the users will appreciate it very much.

Thank you.
Great news to hear, now it seems the biggest VPS on post4vps, I hope in next giveaway the one who holds it currently will release it. Smile
Thank you Manal for this upgrade.
Wtf! Hahahaha. That's such a piece of big news!
Seems like I was wrong to release my VPS 5 ah!

300GB is so big space, with also dedicated cores and other features, VPS 5 is a monster at this moment!
Thanks for your kindness !
300 GB HDD size is really a very attractive spec! Good for hosting owncloud or nextcloud at least.

I have been holding VPS 9, but I think it may be the right time to consider switching to VPS 5. Thanks .
Wow VPS5 is getting ahead!
is the King of Hosting In Post4Vps For now !
There is nothing great in here. I already had 1.9TB Space left for no reason after all so I thought why not to give away some?
300gb make vps 5 the vps with the biggest disk space in this forum . vps 15 is now the second biggest disk space with 270gb . 300gb is a lot i can store much more website now especially that have lot of image and video .
(04-06-2019, 04:22 AM)Manal Wrote: [ -> ]There is nothing great in here. I already had 1.9TB Space left for no reason after all so I thought why not to give away some?

Something great if you add another VPS 5 :p.
You will hear "wow" and everybody will scream right now, hahaha.

Anyway, you're really kind and doing great with your machine! Thanks for the new info.
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