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Full Version: The Last Documentary You Watched
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Hello there,

Well I was going through the section and didn't find any threads highlighting documentaries. However, I might be mistaken and there might already exist such a thread. In that case, I'd like to request a Staff member to please merge my post.

So as the title very clearly suggests, this thread is about documentaries. Let us know the last one you watched, what was it about, how much did you like it, what were the things you liked/disliked especially, and an overall rating of it.

I'll begin the sequence. Yesterday, I watched the documentary on Osama Bin Laden which was documented by National Geographic. It was truly a very informative one, which highlighted every aspect of the Laden chase, starting from the early phase of his detection to the encounter and his end. The journalist was very experienced and focussed on the post-encounter period in Pakistan. What I disliked a bit was that we couldn't see the inner part of the house in which Laden hid, although it was none of their fault as they're blocked entry by the local police. Overall I'd rate it 8.5/10 and it's worth a watch.

Eagerly waiting for your replies.

The last documentary I have watched was The Devil Next Door by Netflix (IMDb). That was a month ago or something like that. It was very interesting but rather short. Feels like they could have stretched it to 8 - 10 episodes to present way more detail and information on the cases! I generally really like such interesting Netflix documentaries.
Watched a documentary about Bismarck, one of the biggest battleships ever built. I have been always fascinated about this ship and it's a very short journey that ended up in a disaster. At least it was able to claim the flagship of British Navy HMS Hood. If only Nazi has a Carrier or 2 to sail along that as a fleet thing would have changed a lot. Unfortunately, the Nazi Navy chief was more interested in Submarines and didn't want to built any.
i had recently watched "Mostly Sunny" documentary recently.
It was quite interesting since sunny leone had shared her full life story that how she joined porn industry and then joined bollywood