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Full Version: VPS 12 Review
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Well, I won the VPS 12 in the 53rd Giveaway and I'm very happy with this VPS.
Specification of this VPS:
[Image: ixBmaJC.png]
Although the server is located in the US, very far from my country Vietnam, but the download speed is excellent and the ping is very low.
[Image: ESDjrek.png]
Control Panel
I installed CyberPanel because it is simple, easy to use and takes very little resources.
[Image: 2f1Yfo8.png]
Access speed of storage hard drives with the command "dd"
[Image: NZrGYRI.png]
Access speed of storage hard drives with the "ioping" command
[Image: a0MNYPS.png]
Check the CPU core number, CPU processing speed:
[Image: zPO72su.png]
Final Ratings
Its an amazing vps for free with good specifications so I am recommending for everyone who wants good VPS for personal website.
I think the review is quite complete, they also need your experience using VPS and what about other things like Port Speed ​​& Results from CPU Benchmarks?

I need to learn, and btw, my memory has started to weaken!
First things first, congrats on your brand new VPS!

I find the clock speed of the CPU quite impressive! And the two cores are absolutely not bad at all!

However, just as stated, your review is missing some key areas. Part of a VPS review is your own experience and/or opinion on the VPS. That includes what you like and dislike about the VPS, along with any problems/difficulties you’ve faced with it.

And I personally believe that you should’ve waited a bit on making the review. That is so you get more hands on time with your VPS and hence making you more familiar with all its positive and negative aspects which you can write on the review. I personally waited a full month before writing my review.
Thank you for the feedback.

I'm going to close this discussion until the end of the month and I'll re-open it so you can add your experience of having the VPS for a month. Which is traditionally the waiting period for VPS holders before they have sufficient experience to share.