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Full Version: Anti-Spam Policy
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Anti-Spam Policy - perry

The Following types Posts/threads or activities will be considered as spam in the Post4VPS Community.

  1. Extensive Posting / Advertising
  2. Irrelevant Posting
  3. Irrelevant Thread / Post titles according to its content
  4. Post like 'thanks bro', or 'nice post' is also considered spam and will be removed without informing the users.
  5. Abusing
  6. Discussion of Hacking, Phishing, illegal Downloads or any illegal activity
  7. no post in  one line add post with your answer and reason.
  8. disrepecting people (this wont lead into a offence chart this ends up in perma ban)

Any post Considered spam will be removed and lead you to the Offence Chart described in the Forum rules

Post4VPS reserves the right to change the Terms any time