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Full Version: Loss of posts 11 to 15 August - feedback needed?
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Looks as though we've just lost at least three days worth of posts.  In addition to the crash of a couple of days ago, we also had a crash today for a few minutes.  The previous crash didn't do any damage to our posts - I even was still logged in when the Forum came back on yesterday.  However today's crash of a few minutes did much more damage.  All of the posts of the intervening period after 11 August to today (15 August) have been lost.

It's not a biggie, but would be nice if something like this happens if a member of staff could update us on what happened.
Didn't notice this, could you please check your post counter if post count still updated or it deducted with the loss post.

Could you please check in your end, about the loss post?
Post4VPS main server is down but it came back after 16 hours but it down again and i think it still down but admin setup temporary forum in different hosting server. Once main server back maybe they will merge data of temporary with main server. So please be patience.
There is a huge amount of posts that got lost between the 11th and the crash from today. The content that was lost today was there yesterday after the forum came back online. I can confirm this. I lost ~ 100 point s (not that I would really care much about points) and this are quite some posts. Not to mention the other posts made by other users.
(08-15-2018, 03:43 PM)Vuluts Wrote: [ -> ] Didn't notice this, could you please check your post counter if post count still updated or it deducted with the loss post.

Could you please check in your end, about the loss post?
Thanks for the quick response .  I lost approx 5 plus posts. For me personally the loss of my posts aren't a biggie as I'm a post nut and can make the loss up fast.  The part that worries me however is the lack of feedback from those who are dealing with the problem.  Like whoever fixed the crash - it would be nice if the person could just be in touch with a quick note in the Shoutbox or an Announcement to say what happened and what to expect.  At the minimum they should let all of the Staff at least know so the staff can be prepared to answer questions like mine after the crash.

I hope you are right as it would be awesome if the different database backups could be combined, but what would make more sense to me is the backup system of myBB stopped working during the previous crash of a few days ago.  The 11th August backup could possibly have been the most recent reliable backup that was available for when today's crash happened.  We basically don't have a backup of the threads and posts that had been made in between the two crashes.  Hopefully those working with the problem can let us know what happened and whether the loss of the posts is a permanent loss. I tried to make up the lost posts in my account today, and hope I won't be losing the posts I made today.
I think same with , maybe P4V is moving their hosting to other with older data backup. Or.. Maybe bad thing happened? Just a little bit weird, why they don't do backup for newer version/date. So we don't have any impact with our posts.

Maybe the server get down when they want to access it. So then they use old backup to have site up.
Just need some clarification from admin.

Btw, and , no one from the admin informed this to you? I think you all have group on Skype to discuss something.
My post counter went from 12 to 8 . Hopefully this incident dorsnt happen again by getting a more reliable backup .
Mine was 10 to 8 again. also i am searching many running offtopics were not found .e.g The last movie you seen. not found. and many more like this. any idea what happened ?
We are really sorry for the inconvenience, as far as i know must have reasons to restore an old backup but currently i am unaware of them and can't give you guys an honest explanation once again i am truly sorry from the entire team.
Nothing is bigger then The excuse by heart. and sign of a great workmanship. and spirit to manage a great community. this is not a big deal to post more.
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