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Full Version: Unofficial Post4VPS tags
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I am posting on this section because I don't know where it is supposed to be, I mean it isn't official either because it is just a suggestion at the moment. If you want to know more about tags, read my previous post here.
Today I present you a set of unofficial tags for Post4VPS, I have created 3 set of them with the standard sizes:
  • Leaderboard
  • Large Rectangle
  • Small Rectangle
Every set is composed of color variants and text-color variants.

I am not a designer, I am a coder so this is just a poor attempt to suggest some tags idea. Let me know your impressions!
Nice work ! I really like your blue colored tags, I don't feel well with the other since it's not experiencing Post4VPS color.
We can improve on this of course, maybe other member have suggestion. Once again, nice work!
Great effort at making the tags . Don't ever say you're only a backend guy, your frontend skills are appreciable as well. Smile

I agree with , it'd be better if there banners are only in blue/various shades of blue as that's gonna maintain the originality of the forum.

Once again, it's a good effort at getting started. I was also considering to make a few in various shapes/sizes but I'm not able to do it right now, due to shortage of time. I'll make some soon.

it would be great to see unoffical tags and also colors for the users name. i think a lot of people would like that and i hope it might be added one day.
you got my vote if its counted Smile
Thanks very much for the tags. is OK with those.

Regarding the comments. Please note that you are free to edit the tags to suit your own Website. As you wish.

Am closing this thread as "Added" and will put it in the sticky section of the Forum.