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Full Version: Revamp of Gaming Section
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Some of you may have noticed a change in the Gaming Section above.  Previously it was listed under Geek World.  But problem for me was that because of it being a sub-forum not all of the gaming sub-topics were easy to notice.

So I made the Gaming Section into its own separate category and all of the sub-forums are now forums in their own right.  I'm hoping that they will now be easier to see and may motivate game enthusiasts to post more.

I also added a separate Gaming Section Forum on reviews or feedback of using a VPS for a Games Server.  The hope is of course to share experiences of using Post4VPS VPSs as Games Servers, but VPSs outside Post4VPS may also be good.  Provided it's not for advertising.  Advertising VPSs has its own section and will be removed if posted here.  This section is supposed to be about genuine feedback and recommendations of your experiences with using a VPS for a Games Server.
That's great . Myself felt that gaming related talks and discussions didn't receive a good amount of attention on the forum probably owing to it being squeezed into a subforum

I'm sure having a category of its own will attract greater attention and participation from forum members.

Besides I like the idea of a gameserver VPS review section. I've used gameservers in the past and shall post a couple of reviews myself when I get sometime off.

Once again a good move. Smile
Really amazing , As mentioned, Gaming related discussions didn't had much response over the forum i believe that was due to the position of the forum.
Now i believe the post count and discussion will increase for sure! I'm about to write a review for the VPS used for Game Servers.
Just a quick thought on the Recommendation forum, Isn't it the description too long as compared too the others section? If kinda takes too much space, Would be much better if there would be a few quick rules thread pinned in the forum?
Great move anyways!
Ah so that's why I got a message that one of my threads in the gaming section have been moved.. Good decision imo!

I noticed that gaming section didn't have much new despite there being several big headlines per month in gaming industry(such as the recent price release of ps5 and Xbox), I hope that creating a new section will attract more people towards this section.
Good job . Thanks alot for your efforts making the Gaming Section more visible to users.

I think it makes sense to make these changes. Because many VPS holders are either currently using their VPSes to run game servers, or at least interested in doing so. Smile
Thank you for the positive support.

I'm going to close this thread for now. If there is any one who has specific ideas or suggestions for changing the Games Section Category and Forums, please PM me or open a new Suggestion/Feedback discussion.