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Full Version: Doesn't the community have a mascotte? Theming suggestion
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I was just wondering, what is the name of the little cloudy on our header section?

It isn't possible to create multiple variant to be applied on special events?
  • Santa-cloudy!
  • Horror-cloudy (halloween)
  • Easter-cloudy (easter)
  • Firework-cloudy (new year)
I don't know much of MyBB but editing the "header" module should be easy: just check for specific dates or range of date and load a specific logo Smile
Not a bad idea, however for that we will need a dedicated Graphics Artist. Is there any one around who want to volunteer their graphics expertise?
I'm not a good graphics designer, and to be honest when working on a project I rely on other teammates for the graphics part. idea is good though .

I've a friend who's a good graphics designer and he does personal projects in exchange of services. Like I made a Discord bot command for him, and he made a logo of my project from scratch.

Let's see if I can get him here, he might prolly be interested in a VPS too. Smile
I mean, I could probably come up with something and I could do on call designs for announcements and such.