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Full Version: Buy Sell Website
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Hello experts,
                    I hope everything is fine and you will be doing all well. As we know PUBG Mobile is rising as a worldwide best multiplayer game.I don't know if people do sell/buy accounts outside the Pakistan. But here in Pakistan people are doing it. I have found a lot of people dealing for accounts on there WhatsApp. I have decided to try out making a website where people do buy/sell their PUBGM accounts. So, i don't know whether it will work or not. I am going to use WordPress for this. I don't know if WordPress is good for it. So i am just asking here about thoughts on WordPress. Is WordPress good for trade ?
Please read carefully the TOS of PUBG mobile. You are justing repeating the same issue that happened with Clash of Clans and the buy-sell of Supercell accounts. For Clash of Clans, or any Supercell game, selling account goes against their TOS and if they find out something like that they will terminate the account!

So, there is a reason why people just use What's app: it is a end-to-end crypted chat, so if the seller or the buyer don't tell Supercell, no way the company will know about the transaction. Your idea is totally dangerous because you will expose to the public the seller and buyer.

To be clear, I am not on the side of this illegal buy-sell, I am just warning you about the dangerous behind your idea!
... Do note what said carefully. It's a complete violation of their ToS, the accounts aren't meant to be sold as it goes against the morale of fair play. Besides anyway your not supposed to be doing that.

As LightDestory said, such stuff is done on WhatsApp for a reason, the end-to-end encryption that it offers. Similarly such transactions happen on the dark web, it's very common to sell nulled stuff out there but I'm not gonna elaborate because I'm not encouraging this.

Please beware and do not get yourself into unnecessary trouble. That's all I can suggest.
On that note of warning, and since Dynamo doesn't like anything illegal to be discussed am closing this topic.