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Full Version: [Wordpress] Cookie Consent
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So I just get my hand back to Wordpress to redesign my client's website. They usually have a banner that celebrate holidays, so I think I'm going to put that up in a pop up instead. I used Popup Maker, it's awesome and free. I cannot afford to pay USD 35 for a popup maker that specialized in Divi, so I found this and it's free and I'm happy now.

So then, after getting my first popup on air, I get a new problem. This still related to that popup since I setup the popup to not reopen multiple times for the same user. We must have ask user if they agree for us to track them. I found a plugin that do that for us:

I'm going to have my hand in this plugin soon. What do you guys think? Do you have ever find this plugin or other plugin that does similar things?
I have seen that plugin before and it seems to work well. The theme I use already has these features built in and I am actually using the same theme from TBDC to my day job, so where we have global clients the GDPR notice pops up anytime a user enters the website.

Also, if the client wants something specific to work with Divi, they should be the ones to pay for it. As a small business owner, I try to never sink my own capital into a project. I've been burned one too many times, but that is another story haha.