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Full Version: Update 'About Post4VPS' text?
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Uhm would you guys update this 'About Post4VPS' text? It just does not flow well. Why is it stylized as forum/destiny?? What destiny? And "VPSs" should be "VPS'es" and no space after comma? That just looks uh. Just update the styling of the text cause it looks unprofessional. Not nitpicking but really struck me as odd as whoever wrote that missed the sentencing structure. I am not claiming to be some superior grammar god or 'grammer-nazi' but It just made me go uhh, since its a professional service and the forums have a structure.
Thanks for the feedback .  I'll ask if he can update it.  I notice there is a typo in deploy as well.  Well spotted.

BTW the formatting of the text looks different in my desktop computer.  This is what mine looks like:

[Image: uAHjY4c.png]

Wait a minute. You must be using a different template than I am? I'm using the New Template.

But yes, the info is probably a little dated.  We'll fix it as soon as we can.