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Changing port - Melvin - 05-09-2019

Actually i'm using Open Game Panel as a server control panel, i was wondering if i could change the panel port which www folder so for example
people when they to reach my site ip only it won't work, but i only can reach it with  a specific ip:port for panel
Os: Debian-8.7-x86_64

RE: Changing port - humanpuff69 - 05-09-2019

You can change it in the nginx/apache config for the site that have gamepanel on it

On nginx change the listen 80 to any other port
On apache change the virrualhost:80 to any other port

The config is palced on /etc/apache2 or /etc/httpd and /etc/nginx respectively

RE: Changing port - Melvin - 05-09-2019

Those files i found and i edit:
/etc/apache2/ports.conf, /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf with a specific port. but i that wouldn't work the other location you listed i didn't find, any other solution please?

RE: Changing port - deanhills - 05-09-2019

@Melvin I probably don't understand exactly what you want. Like is what you want for your VPS to listen on a different port than Port 22? As that can be changed. If I have that correct in what you are wanting, you can check the tutorial below:

The above tutorial is for CentOS but I'm sure you can use it similarly with Debian.

Be careful though when you try to change Ports. I learned the hard way to do the port change BEFORE I load any script or do anything major that works with ports. Like it makes sense that if you change the port, after you have loaded scripts that "sensed" the current port you're using, that if you changed that port, without changing the script port specs, that you'll no longer be able to use the panel and there's also a good chance you can lock yourself out of the VPS.

So steps when I start a VPS is mostly, change password first, then change the port, and then do everything else after that. You can change the ports after you loaded scripts, but you have to know what you're doing to figure out exactly where you need to make the port changes in the script you loaded. For me that's too much trouble to figure out. I rather have the ports changed right at the beginning before I work with anything else.

RE: Changing port - Hidden Refuge - 05-09-2019


He wants to change the port on which his instances of the open game panel web interface listens. He wants to change from the custom port that it uses to a default port like 80. So he doesn't and his users don't have to add the port to the domain to access the panel.


How did you install Open Game Panel? Manually or via their installer? If you install it manually you can actually see where configurations are saved. Reference:

If you used the installer it's a guessing game if you haven't found the files in any of the default web server directories. Of course if the installer is open (as in not encrypted) you can look into its source and find out what it exactly it does and where it stores configurations.