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58th Giveaway - deanhills - 06-30-2020

 18 VPSs are Available
  • 5x VPS 1 [Games Servers not advised]
  • 1x VPS 2
  • 1x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 6
  • 4x VPS 7  [Games Servers not allowed] [Locations: Atlanta, NY, Seattle, LA]
  • 1x VPS 8  [Games Servers not advised]
  • 1x VPS 9  [Location: Phoenix]
  • 1x VPS 10 [Games Servers not advised]
  • 1x VPS 11 [Games Servers not allowed]
  • 1x VPS 12 [Games Servers not allowed]
  • 1x VPS 18

If you wish to apply for VPS 7, please let us know your preferred location.  The four available locations are: Atlanta, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles in the US

We're aiming at a date of around 6th of July for announcing the winners.  VPSs will be allocated soon after.

For comparing the VPS Specifications, Users can check,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,18

  • Users must read and agree to all terms of the SPONSOR (of the VPS which they want) when they apply.  These can be found on our Plans Page.  
  • When you apply, please let us know your preferred OS and the Domain you will be using with the VPS.

Please Read before Applying
  1. Read Our Forum Rules before applying.
  2. You should have met our minimum requirements to get VPS.
  3. Read Application Format before applying. (If the application format is wrong then your Request will be rejected)
  4. You must post your VPS application in VPS Request Forum.
  5. Read TOS of VPS providers before applying.

RE: 58th Giveaway - Rehan - 07-01-2020

A great chance to win best VPS's.There are a lot of VPS's available including VPS 18 and VPS 9. Off course i will suggest VPS 18 to applicants because it is one of the best VPS for me. This is going to be one of best giveaway of 2020.After many loses we still have 18 free VPSs available.
@Decent12 you have a great chance to apply for VPS 18. Tongue
Best of Luck everyone

RE: 58th Giveaway - sagher - 07-01-2020

Great giveaway again with most wanted vps. specially Vps-1, Vps-8, Vps-9. new users have a great choice of 5x vps-1. wish you all good luck

RE: 58th Giveaway - OldMeister - 07-01-2020

Great giveaway! i could believe someone would give up vps 18 and 9! im gonna apply for them right now! too bad for me that vps 9 is located in usa its a problem for me because i will get high ping. and a lot of issues because of it. i wish would get vps 18. does someone else apply for it?

RE: 58th Giveaway - ikk157 - 07-01-2020

Nice to see VPS 9 back on the giveaway! For sure gives another person the opportunity to obtain such a powerful VPS after it has been fully occupied previously.

VPS 8 and VPS 18 are great ones as well!

This month’s giveaway is such an improvement from last month’s due to it having three very powerful VPSs compared to last month’s ones which only had the less powerful VPSs.

Best of luck to those applying to this month’s giveaway!

RE: 58th Giveaway - sAmI - 07-01-2020

It's really great to see amazing VPS in this giveaway with great specs VPS 8, 9 , 18 looks really promising! If anyone here is looking for a powerful VPS for not hosting game servers i would say go for a VPS 7 it's performance is just amazing!
Best of luck to everyone who will be applying in this month's giveaway!

RE: 58th Giveaway - xdude - 07-02-2020

So among those servers available in this giveaway, the majority comes without a control panel, and also game servers not allowed. No control panel means more workload for Admins and more wait time for users. But if you run a web server or game server it wouldn't be a problem once you get things configured. So someone lost a VPS9 too. Very bad time to lose a good VPS like that. But I guess it's good news for all the new applicants. Almost all servers have at least 2GB RAM which is great! Good luck everyone!

RE: 58th Giveaway - Khadeer143 - 07-02-2020

Another cool giveaway as I see vps 9 still available and vps 18 also which are really good for any projects good luck to everyone who taking part for this

RE: 58th Giveaway - Littlemaster - 07-02-2020

Happy to see 18 VPS available. Hope new members will take this opportunity to grab one. The VPSes are great and stable, that is we like about post4vps.
Super supportive staff and great sponsors make our forum really helpful for web developers and students.

RE: 58th Giveaway - tryp4vps - 07-02-2020

Oh what ...... VPS 9 is now available, again! Feeling a bit unexpected about it.

Good luck for anyone going to apply for this last VPS 9. After all, that VPS from Virmach is one of the best VPSes in this forum. Smile