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[WIP]Obsidian - Dark Open Game Panel Theme
Great Theme Keep it up Big Grin the Appearence is Great Big Grin
if there is any kind of color picker it 'd be much better
Thanks to @Post4VPS & @Host4Fun for Providing thier VPS Hosting Services: VPS 1
After soo loong, here comes its BETA Version: Big Grin
don't forget to give your feedbacks Cool

For enabling dashboard like:
you just need to go to Panel Settings > and enable Old Dashboard.

For customizing Favicon, Login Background Image, Background Blur Effect, Logo, Loading Bar,Responsive Mode.
Go to Administraion > Theme Settings.
Navigate to "Extras Options"
Change the default settings to your personalization
Make sure, you located the files correctly. Ex. ("themes/Obsidian/images/bg.jpg")

For getting Cool Notification bar:
[Image: b7f8a10d75.png]

Go to Administraion > Theme Settings.
After that, Navigate to "Theme Settings" and make sure "Welcome Title" sets ON.
Then, you can change the default Welcome Messages, to your own messages
Lastly, If you want to have same label notification. you need to write codes, below here:
<div class="callout"><span>Welcome!</span><p>You can change this title in '<b>Theme Settings</b>' under the '<b>Administration</b>' tab.</p></div>

Hope users Like it Smile

(09-29-2017, 12:58 PM)Dynamo Wrote:  Hope users Like it Smile

It is amazing dude, I liked it much it's very very cool, Thanks for releasing but you are sure that it don't have any problems/bugs?
 - Thanks to Post4VPS & Host4Fun for the amazing VPS 1 -
Wow.. awesome man..
finally you release it Smile.., i was waiting your work Heart
Thanks to Post4VPS and Host4Fun  for the Awesome VPS-1
(09-29-2017, 04:35 PM)Ultraz Wrote:  It is amazing dude, I liked it much it's very very cool, Thanks for releasing but you are sure that it don't have any problems/bugs?

It might have some bugs.. since it's a Beta version, I would collect the feedbacks and try to fix the bugs if I see any.

(03-30-2017, 10:11 AM)Dynamo Wrote:  Might be Paid or not (will think about it at the end, see how much time I had given to it).

Done those customizations with help of Jquery hooks Tongue
there theme structure is really poor though.

oh I see, well a theme that looks as good as that rarely is available for free xD
Thanks to Virmach and Post4VPS for my VPS 9!

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