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Has 5G come to your country in telecom area ? It is expected to give 1 Gbps or similar speed on mobile broadband. That would be a great breakthrough. Some countries of 4.5 G services. What about 5G ?
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Well , i live in Albania and here we only got 4G + and i havent heard about 5G yet , but i know one thing for sure that every development that will come it will be faster and faster so nothing to worry i guess.
What is the speed they offer for 4G + ? Is it costly at your place ?
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I live in Pakistan. I think 4G LTE is latest technology in pakistan.I live in a village i receive only 3G after using an antenna.i hope 4G will be available soon. Tongue
In Pakistan Huawei and Telenor tested a 5G Internet in lab (controlled environment) and easily received a speed of more than 70 Gbps, that's a lot honestly, and even If we don't receive as much practically, It still promises a strong future!
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How is internet penetration in Pakistan ? Does it reach small places ? How much do you pay on average ?
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4G LTE is the available current speed in our country, but even with 4G LTE internet connection still slow.
@Vuluts : you mean to say 100mbps still slow? where is your country?
4G LTE also need a good hardware. i see more cheap companies cell phones are using 4G Hardware for capturing the market. but poor in performance.
i have Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. with latest 4G LTE technology. work perfect. max download speed are 10 to 25 mbps. and network speed are 55 to 80 mbps as i far away from tower.
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5G is a very big deal . the best killer feature is less latency . well this is not for gamers but it is for atomous car to connect to each other . and as you know autonomous car need a split second reaction

another feature that is higher bandwith with 5G the mobile data price will go down again same like when 4g come . and also 5G will be much much faster than 4g . 5G also more battery friendly than 4G

there are so many thing that is great about 5G but for now that its

that is my opinion . comment yours below
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5G ha? . In my country (Indonesia) . Until now just the isp provider just support 4g LTE and at my home (villange) the speed is 1.2MB/s but when in city until 7MB/s
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