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Notpad++ or Atom
Hello, which software you use for making/editing Codes personally i use Notpad++ because its best software ever i used.
Which one you guys use
i used Notepad++ and sublime text editor both are great also i try atom but not good in lowend pc also you can try Brackets its good looking like atom but i think its brackets are better than atom coz it run will in my lowend laptop Big Grin
For simple edits, it's better to use Notepad ++. Atom has advanced features than a simple text editor.
I choose Notepad ++ because it is easy to use.

Notepad ++ also uses less memory to run and has been very reliable. It is good enough for my personal uses.
i never used atom before but im fine with notepad++ . i have no plan to replace notepad ++ anytime soon
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I would recommend to use VS Code, it's more updated than Notepad++ and also is more stable than Atom.
atom for webdesigning
notepad++ for configuration files

these are my useage

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Im using Notepad++. Its simple and advanced in same time. I've tried it few years ago and Im still using it.
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I suggest you to use notepad++ its easy and best for editing and compile the codes save them its best so use notepad ++
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I havent use ATOM since Notepad++ can do the work for all my configution thing.
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