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Your browser?
I use Firefox for all of my Forums and Webdesign work where I like some measure of "privacy". Firefox is very transparent in that one can work the settings so that when one exits the browser that all cookies and history are automatically removed. One doesn't get that with Chrome unless one logs into Chrome every session, which I prefer not to do. One has to go into Chrome each browsing session into the advanced settings to get rid of history and cookies. That makes me also much less trusting of Google than of Fire Fox, not that I trust Fire Fox fully, but I trust it enough, I also like to support developers who are not listed on the Stock Exchange. Having said that Chrome is a very good browser, I use it as a second browser when I do deep searches in addition to Firefox. I also work with Internet Explorer for some of the MS Office applications that require Internet Explorer.
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Thank you to the Owner & Staff of Post4VPS and VirMach for an awesome VPS 9 experience!

I use Chrome on both my PC and iPhone, but I also use Firefox on my iPhone.

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