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Poll: Which forum software do you like the most (in terms of flexibility, admin panel, ease of use)?
Invision Power Board
Simple Machines Forum
Other (Please comment in thread)
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Which forum software is the best?
My first choice for forum software is Simple Machines Forum. It has the greatest feature than all other forums. Its easy to use. Easy to install. And the admin panel is also easy to use. THere are many plugins and themes available for Simple Machine Forum. Not only on their official forum but many other developers are designing themes and plugins for Simple Machines Forum. Liek DzinerStudio, SMFHacks. Apart, Simple Machines Forum another Forum software I like is Wedge. Though its not ready yet , it has many bugs, a small amount of plugins and no themes but still it has some great features. Its much simmilliar to Simple Machines Forum. And the best thing is their Built in Mention System. And Notification and Private Message system. Which in other forums you need to do with Plugins. So this 2 is my first choice for forum.
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myBB.This is amazing software with unbelievable support in their user community. Very stable and easy to install. Looking forward to the next version. 100's of quality and well thought out mods, plugins, and themes are available!
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Simple machine forums has been the best so far, Wedge is good too but SMF has all the features one needs.
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From among mybb,phpbb, ipb , xenforo i voted vbulletin. Simply cause i like that. But i think if one spends the money on phpbb customization, it will be the best.
Definitely MyBB, it's very good and feature rich, listing the features below:
- Community-made free themes.
- Dozen of free modifications for the forum software.
- Very customizable.

And so on, I can't be arsed to list all the features right now, but those ones are the best of it though.
(01-06-2017, 05:23 PM)rudra Wrote:  From among mybb,phpbb, ipb , xenforo i voted vbulletin. Simply cause i like that. But i think if one spends the money on phpbb customization, it will be  the best.

Yeah vBulletin probably is the best among all forum software but it's price is the problem. I think other free software software like SMF, phpBB and Mybb are catching up too.
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