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Discord Channel
I am for this idea, Discord is a good place and if P4V got one it'll be awesome.
(05-13-2018, 05:01 AM)Dynamo Wrote:  This is what I wanted to avoid,
If user's just visit us for doing their monthly posts and feel burden after doing them then it's more or less useless to have a forum..
If users feel so lazy that even opening browser and visiting us daily makes them uncomfortable then what do them expect back from us?

That is correct, users will feel lazy visiting the forum but they'll need to because if they didn't their servers will vanish so, not having a Discord server is not a solution. Suppose that there're people still new there and wants to start chatting with people, they'll be limited to a small shoutbox but with Discord it'd be extremely great for them so they can discuss about servers and such things. I hope you understand Smile
i've already suggested that and got denied, perryoo11 suggested that and good denied so no need to repeat the suggestion hundred times..
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Thanks For Post4VPS and VPSlices for the amazing VPS 4

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