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Host4Fun Budget VPS Hosting
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45% off Dedicated Server Hostig | Instant Setup | 24/7 Support
Enjoy premium Dedicated server hosting service at economical rates!
Our servers are powered by Intel processors, each equipped with high-performance memory giving you the best hosting experience. Our Hardware and telecommunication resources are completely redundant to the needs of our customers. We do not over-pack our servers, so you can be sure that your website will be fast performing and highly responsive.

Special Promotion
45% Discount for First Invoice
Enjoy 45% discount for any Dedicated Hosting Server*

25% Discount For Life Time
Enjoy 25% discount on any Dedicated Hosting Server*

Location: (USA, India, China, Singapore, Germany, and France)

Why ServerWala?
Unbeatable Pricing- Truthly, ServerWala are selling our web hosting service at a low margin, and deliver our hosting during time duration. Check the price of hosting service rates in the market.

Endless Customers Support- We provide endless customers support 24/7 to watch over our hosting and assist you along with give the response wihin5 minutes and solved customer’s problems that occur in it.

Reliable Servers- Reliability is measured by all these factors. these are performance, security, uptime, and support. Deliver web service at a time period.

- PHP, CGI and SQL
- email accounts: 999
- FTP accounts: 999
- subdomains 999
- Newest PHP 5 and Newest MySQL 5, we are up to date!
- DirectAdmin & Installatron
- Managed Support
- Free Instant Setup
- 24x7x365 Ticket Support (average response time is 30 minutes!)
- 24x7x365 Monitoring
- Online Webmail and FTP which includes SquirrelMail and Roundcube.
- Hosting features included: PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Cron, Curl and much more!
- Email features include: Automatic Virus scanning, Spam Assassin, Clam AV, POP3 Accounts, SMTP, IMAP, Auto Responders, Mailing List, Mail Forward and much more!

<<<<<<<<< Dedicated Server Plans And Features >>>>>>>>>


Intel® Xeon® E3-1230V3 | 8X3.3 GHZ Core | 8 GB RAM | 1 TB Enterprise SATA / 128 GB SSD | 15 TB Bandwidth | $69/Month Order Now  

Intel® Xeon® E3-1230V3 | 8X3.3 GHZ Core | 16 GB RAM | 1 TB Enterprise SATA / 128 GB SSD | 15 TB Bandwidth | $99/Month Order Now  

Intel® Xeon® E3-1230V3 | 8X3.3 GHZ Core | 32 GB RAM | 2 TB Enterprise SATA / 128 GB SSD | 15 TB Bandwidth | $110/Month Order Now  

Intel® Xeon® E3-1230V3 | 8X3.7 GHZ Core | 64 GB RAM | 2 TB Enterprise SATA / 128 GB SSD | 15 TB Bandwidth | $130/Month Order Now  


Dual Intel® Xeon® 5650 | 2x 12x 3.3 GHz Core | 72 GB RAM | 120GB SSD + 3TB SATA HDD | 50 TB Bandwidth | $169/Month Order Now  

Dual Xeon® E5-2670 V2 | 2x 20x 2.40 GHz Core | 96 GB RAM | 960GB SSD HDD | 50 TB Bandwidth | $189/Month Order Now   

Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 V4 | 2x 20x 2.10 GHz Core |128 GB RAM | 2TB SSD HDD | 50 TB Bandwidth | $269/Month Order Now

Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 V4 | 2x 20x 2.10 GHz Core | 128 GB RAM | 2x 2TB SSD HDD | 50 TB Bandwidth | $359/Month Order Now  

Quad Intel® Xeon® E7-4860 | 2x 20x2.10 GHz Crore | 256 GB  RAM | 16x 2TB SAS HDD | 50 TB Bandwidth | $669/Month Order Now  

Why Choose Us –
24x7 Live Technical Support and Monitoring - 30 minutes response guarantee.
Fully Owned Hardware - Servers, Power, Network Equipment, and IPs - We do not Resell
Brand Name Genuine SuperMicro Hardware  100 Mbps to 1 GBPS dedicated connectivity to all our cabinets.  Connectivity to 15 top bandwidth providers for redundancy  UPS and Generator Backup to each cabinet.

Payment Method- PayPal, Bank Transfer, Net Banking, Credit & Debit Card, PayuMoney

Contact us- Contact mail at [email protected] or call to +91-9772222179 and check out website

About ServerWala
ServerWala often has launched various types of plans and service that enhanced your business toward to growth. To Always keep ideas to the new height of business, every plan which are launched by us that fulfill the client requirement according to their budget. We believe in customer satisfaction that’s a reason, we always perform beyond the expectation of customers.

wow your dedicated server have 33.2GHz core . very fast i wonder how much benchmark score it get. even professional overclocker cannot do that much 

Just sarcasm
there is typo on the singapore dedicated page . please fix it asap
[Image: CAcebNTkSayImNQNNB4j2g.png]
Thanks To Virmach And Post4VPS for the glorious VPS9

[Image: 76nttN]
999 ? :o first time i see that
anyway seems good hosting i'll check it later.. goodluck
Thanks to @Post4VPS & @Host4Fun for Providing thier : VPS 1
[Image: egUbv]
That plans & offers r really great amazing dedicated servers plan with cheap cost good luck keep going
Thanks for Host4Fun for Sponsorship and Thanks @Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 1
[Image: img.php?userid=726]


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