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Discord Communicator (simple lib which communicates with Discord's webhooks)
Hello everybody, so iam going today to show you my new PHP Work...

Let's at first define some Basics...
What is Discord ?
Discord is a proprietary freeware voice-over-Internet Protocol application designed for gaming communities, that specializes in text and audio communication between users in a chat channel. For more info...

What is Discord Communicator ?
[Image: messanger-result.JPG]
Discord Communicator is a simple lib which communicates with Discord's webhooks to send Messages to a specified Channel with JSON Content-Type through cURL. and its in background originally Created by nopjmp and it was called discord-webhooks and then its forked&developed by me since many months.

  • PHP 5.6.36+
  • cURL 7.59.0+
  • Running Discord Server.
  • Created Webhook in your Discord Server.

Setting up a webhook in Discord:
  1. On your Discord Server open 'Server Settings' and select 'Webhooks' on the menu:
    [Image: AcZ6EZp.png]
  2. Click on the Button 'Create Webhook' and then complete the form ("Name", "avatar" [the fields's values that you are setting will be the defaults and it may be overriden in this wrapper, but the channel you pick cannot be changed by the wrapper.You'll need a separate URL for each channel you want to post to...]:
    [Image: rNwg31Z.png]
  3. Copy the "Webhook URL" and use that when initializing the lib.

What is the original Features of this lib and What is the new Features ?
nopjmp's version's Features:
  • the Client/Embed class are less optimized.
  • Supports most of the possible Embed/Messaging Data: tts/message/embed fields[description/color/author/title/image/thumbnail/timestamp/footer/fields]
  • detects whether the color is hex or not and converts it to Decimal.
  • and many more...
My Version's Features:
  • Added the abillity to send your Data through cURL with JSON Content type...
  • Improved the ERROR Handler Script.
  • Optimized the Embed/Client Classes to be more cleaner.
  • Made it so easy to send the Data using a small Array (User Friendly).
  • Added Support for Hex colors and auto converstion from Hex Color to Decimel Color.
  • Added Default Values for Timestamp and Color.
  • Made most of the Data is optional.
  • Added a list of usefull Decimal Colors.
  • Added a kind of Advanced Embed Validator.
  • It now Checks for Messages Length before sending the Data to Discord's Systems.
  • and Alot more you can find it by yourself...
How to send a simple Message to my Discord Server's Channel using this lib ?
Using the Embed/Client Class directly:
  1. We have to include the Class code to our project file:
    PHP Code: (Select All)
    include dirname(__FILE__) . "/DiscordWebhooks/Client.php";
    dirname(__FILE__) . "/DiscordWebhooks/Embed.php"
  2. We initializate the $webhook var and then assign the Client Class and set the arguemnt(s) to your {DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL}:
    PHP Code: (Select All)
    $webhook = new Discord/Client('{YOUR_CHANNEL_ID}/{YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN}'); 
  3. We initializate the $embed var and then assign the Embed Class without any arguments:
    PHP Code: (Select All)
    $embed = new Discord/Embed(); 
  4. Let's do the Magic:
    PHP Code: (Select All)
    $embed->description('This is an embed'); // it sets the description value of your embed...
    $webhook->username('Bot')->message('Hello, Human!')->embed($embed)->send(); // Let's set the Username of the BOT and send the Message 
Using the cURL Method: Feel free to checkout the cURL-Example.php

List of Avaible Functions/Variables:
PHP Code: (Select All)
Client Class:
public function 
tts($tts// Controls the Message's tts settingswhether to be turned off/on (Boolean value, false by default)
public function username($username// Controls the BOT's Username (String value, NULL by default)
public function avatar($new_avatar// Controls the BOT's Avatar (String value, NULL by default)
public function message($new_message// Controls the Message which will be sent to the requested Channel (String Value, NULL by default, limit: 2000chr)
public function embed($embed// It Converts the Embed data to array
public function send() // It sends the requested Embed/Message data to the Discord Server and handles the errors

Embed Class:
$COLOR_ // It Contains a list of usefull Decimal Colors (Array)
public function title($title$url ''// Controls the Title/Title URL of the Embed (String Value, NULL by default)
public function description($description// Controls the description of the Embed (String Value, NUL by default)
public function timestamp($timestamp// Controls the Embed's timestamp with the following Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.MSSZ (String Value, NULL by default)
public function color($color// Controls the Embed's Side Color (Integer value, NULL by default, Decimal Colors only)
public function url($url// Controls the Embed's master URL (String value, NULL by default)
public function footer($text$icon_url ''// Control the Embed's Footer's Text/Icon URL (String value, NULL by default)
public function image($url// Controls the Embed's Side Image (String value, NULL by default)
public function thumbnail($url// Controls the Embed's Thumbnail (String value, NULL by default)
public function author($name$url ''$icon_url ''// Controls the Embed's Author Name/Author URL/Icon URL (String value, NULL by default)
public function field($name$value$inline True// Controls the Embed's Fields Name/Value/Inline (String/Boolean Value, NULL by default, up to 25 Fields)
public function toArray() // It Converts Embed Data to Array 

Default Decimal Color List ($COLOR_ var):
     'default'   =>   0,
     'aqua'   =>   1752220,
     'green'   =>   3066993,
     'blue'   =>   3447003,
     'purple'   =>   10181046,
     'gold'   =>   15844367,
     'orange'   =>   15105570,
     'red'   =>   15158332,
     'grey'   =>   9807270,
     'navy'   =>   3426654,
     'cyan'   =>   1277892,
     'brown'   =>   11356937,
     'dark_navy'   =>   2899536,
     'dark_grey'   =>   9936031,  
     'dark_aqua'   =>   1146986,
     'dark_green'   =>   2067276,
     'dark_blue'   =>   2123412,
     'dark_purple'   =>   7419530,
     'dark_gold'   =>   12745742,
     'dark_orange'   =>   11027200,
     'dark_red'   =>   10038562,
     'light_grey'   =>   12370112

Note: The project is MIT licensed. To read the full license, feel free to visit
Thanks to @Post4VPS & @Hostdare for Providing their VPS Hosting Services:VPS 12
The script has been updated majorly and many bugs fixed.
- No information available
Thanks to @Post4VPS & @Hostdare for Providing their VPS Hosting Services:VPS 12
Wow that's cool but I am usually really unsure how Discord Webhook works even when I manage multiple server >.> Btw Is this muti-platform? or Windows only something?
(04-29-2019, 02:16 AM)Kururin Wrote:  Wow that's cool but I am usually really unsure how Discord Webhook works even when I manage multiple server >.> Btw Is this muti-platform? or Windows only something?

yes, it is multi-platform.
feel free to check discord developer docs for more info:
Thanks to @Post4VPS & @Hostdare for Providing their VPS Hosting Services:VPS 12

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