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Scroll bar issue
I'm trying to Google this but don't seem to get anywhere with this as there is an overload of conflicting symptoms and solutions out there.  
This issue only started a few days ago.  Before that I've been using the same mouse and everything has worked completely OK since the beginning of time of the mouse - which is for the last year. I'm using a Dell Optiplex 9010 computer with Windows 7 Professional. The mouse I use is a standard Dell mouse with generic driver from Windows - HID-compliant.

I noticed a problem a few days ago, and thought it had to do with scrolling in a new theme of myBB.  Basically when I use the righthand scroll bar it will stick and hold either at the bottom or top of the screen - as though stuck for a second or so - and then show a blank horizontal bar of about three inches.  Just for a second.  Today it got worse.  While I was using the scroll bar on it came completely stuck at the top and moving quickly up and down just in a cm range.  I was unable to work with any of my Forums.  Kind of scary as my immediate assumption was maybe hacked.  But I don't think so.  I used Malware for a quick scan (after I powered down the computer and logged in again) and everything is OK.

While I was still struggling before I shut down the computer, I went into the Control Panel in search of the mouse link and settings to check whether the driver has corrupted and when I tried to click on the mouse link to check whether the driver was OK, the Control Panel kept forcing me to the Maintenance and Security page.  With no messages or anything accompanying it.  I then thought to completely log out and shut the computer down for a few seconds.  That helped, and since then I haven't had any issues with the Control Panel.  However the scroll bar is still providing issues.  It's not as bad as it was just before I shut the computer down, but the issue is still there to the point that I can't use the Forum. I then get out of the Window and restart the browser, and for now while I'm writing this post I seem to be OK.

Somewhere it says if one doesn't shut the computer down frequently this may be the reason?  Is that true? As I'm guilty of that. I don't regularly power down my computer and keep working on the same Windows for sometimes days on end.

Here are my desktop computer specs:

Desktop Computer:  Dell Optiplex 9010 Pentium i7 16GB RAM
OS:  Windows 7 Professional
Mouse:  Dell mouse that comes with Dell Optiplex 9010
Mouse Driver:  HID-compliant mouse - I checked the driver and it says it's working perfect

Is there something wrong with the mouse perhaps?  Or is it something else?  And what can I do to fix the problem?
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