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Which VPS do you like?
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Hi guys, 
Angel Angel
Again I am Back with A new Good Question for you all...

>>WHICH VPS You Like the most(plz choose from here:-

I am just asking this from you all as I haven't any experience with any of the VPS....
^_^This will make me choose one of the great VPS...(at the time of giveaway) Smile
Most of the users selecting VPS based on, mostly, RAM, and storage.

For myself, I will see their virtualization, I really confused with OpenVZ, so I will not take that one (I already touched an OpenVZ VPS and confused, so I will take KVM or Xen HVM again). Storage also an important part, if you want to save big data, then you should have big storage too. SSD or HDD? I don't really mind.
And, RAM. Yea, if you want to have more application open on the same time, you need to have bigger RAM. It's back to your usage, web host with VestaCP works really well with 512MB RAM.

Ah, one more. Bandwidth. If you're going to have big in-out data, then you need bigger bandwidth. Else, no need to worry la.
Thanks to Shadow Hosting and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 5!
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@Amresh  Good idea would be to check through the VPS reviews to get a very good idea about the performance of the VPSs.  In order to find out what is best for you, you need to figure out what your needs are.  It is good that you do that in advance of your application, as the reason you want a VPS may determine the VPS you will be getting.

In the meanwhile what is important for you is to sit down and work out a good reason why you want a VPS.  The Giveaway Manager looks very carefully at the reason - so the more focused your reason is, the better chance you will get a VPS that matches that.  Note that by simply saying you want VPS 2 or 4 or 9 won't work for you.  You need to convince the Giveaway Manager why the VPS you're interested in is a good match with what you want to do with the VPS.

If you want to go a further step with your research, you can go to the sponsor of the VPS's Website, and check how fast your ISP deals with the network IPs that are provided at the Websites.  Latency of the VPS relative to your ISP will make a big difference to the speed of the VPS.
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Thank you to the Owner & Staff of Post4VPS and VirMach for an awesome VPS 9 experience!

For os i am prefer linux than windows for server and for me even for desktop os . Windows for server have high overhead and also expensive vps cost for same or less performance

Openvz / kvm . I prefer kvm if available because it can run newer kernel but if openvz is much worth i can go with openvz no problem
Thanks To Virmach And Post4VPS for the glorious VPS9

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