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How to keep our VPS save from Chinese Botnets?
(09-25-2018, 09:24 AM)humanpuff69 Wrote:  true . most of the bot assume the ssh port is 22 . by changing it basically we bypass that bot assume . there still bot that scan through port but that is rare and most of this kinda bot stick with port 22 . changing the port is important .

Having said that I think I'll need to do more than just change my port.  Last night when I was working on my HostUS paid VPS - first time in a few weeks - I noticed I've been bombarded with login attempts again.  Not sure what I'm going to do this time round as keyless doesn't seem to do the trick as when it locked me out of my VPS when I used it a few weeks ago I had to reload the OS to get out of the dilemma.  There has to be other ways of course - will figure something out.
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