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New numbering of posts ....
This is not a big deal but I'm a bit confused.  If I check my posts I've made 10 posts for October including this one.  But my profile says I've made 6 posts only.  Is there something about the new numbering process that I may have missed?
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Thank you to the Owner & Staff of Post4VPS and VirMach for an awesome VPS 9 experience!

Could be a bug maybe? Plugins take some long to reach at a stable position, so we gotta wait for them. Though won't be good to rely on it for now!
Thanks for reporting this issue,
I see this problem to some more Accounts. But looks like no one is interested in reporting this. Anyways, do you remember about any post which isn't being counted? (I mean like you saw post count of monthly before and after posting a post and found no change in it?).
Any other thing you would like to express regarding this issue? The more clue I get the easier would be to get resolved. I would update all users monthly postcounts to match with Thier real one once I fix the issue.

I hadn't posted anything since 3rd and it was all fine till today. I made 4 posts today before this one and only last one was counted. Counter didn't change when I posted first 3 posts. I guess this need to check with someone who posted yesterday.

Edit : This post also is counted. So its maybe working now. But still missing posts are not in the total.

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The plugin counts the first 4 posts only per day and wont count more
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Thanks For Post4VPS and Virmach for the amazing VPS 9
After reviewing the code, It seemed that the script which was resetting the daily posts starting of every day was not working properly.

the reset of points had overridden the post reset code.
I have fixed this now, and also reset all users posts to match with their normal monthly post.

If the problem still persists then users are free to report for opening the thread again.


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