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Closed 40th Giveaway
New year and new giveaway! Good luck for everyone applying.
There is a VPS 9, the biggest one I think. The other one I recommend still VPS 1 and VPS 13 due to its location.
I'm thinking to move my VPS 5 to one of VPS 13, but I'll see it tho, since it requires a ID card verification.

(01-09-2019, 09:27 AM)humanpuff69 Wrote:  if im not wrong only some location have ddos protection in virmach datacenter . Yes your current vps will be revoked if you win vps 9 but they will give you a chance to backup your file

And better to have your own backup, if you don't do that, maybe you will end up like I did.
My old VPS (better not mention it) got removed without my knowledge when I don't even said I completed the backup. Damn it.
Thanks to HostDoc and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!
Give me questions I can't answer not answers I can't question. - Richard Feynman

Congrats to the following winners:
@huuthi95  - VPS 11
@Rehan  - VPS 9 (Buffalo)
@adgod  - VPS 6

Good luck for other users, hope they would be wining a VPS soon.



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