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The Last Movie You Watched
I watched "Alita Battle Angel" 3 days ago at the cinema!
Duration 2 Hours 20 Minutes With Action And Romance
It seems like I want to watch it again tomorrow because I want to remember the story
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Watched Akira (1998), really a gem of an anime. Show's the future potential hazard of nuclear warfare and the animation and other stuff is top notch also. I look forward to reading the manga.
Yesterday I watched K. G. F Chapter, a movie including more fight and one man show, it seems unbelievable to watch the fighting. People are flying because the hero hits them. Though having some messages it is good to see, but it is not a good model to the young generation.
My rating 6/10
My last movie is about 3 days ago. Mission: Impossible - Fallout. surprised to see Superman hero Henry Cavill as a ordinary cast. movie not impress me alot. but good to see.

Recently now I watched bhomeian rapodsy & black panther Oscar winner movies which was really good to watch
To end the day relaxed I watched "13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi". Great movie. I recommend it.
Spider-Men 1,2,3 Not Amazing Spider-Men i watched sam raimi's films. Tobey Maguire is best Spider-Men ever Big Grin
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Red Sparrow (2018) This movie comes with a very impressive cast: Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role of a Russian Ballerina who got to be manipulated by her uncle to join the sparrow brigade to work for Russian espionage. They're basically trained to woe intelligence officers and people with sensitive information in the West and then blackmail them. Joel Edgerton is playing the intelligence officer from the US that she tries to woe, however he wises up and it becomes a cat and mouse game. I'm not one for very explicit violence and there was plenty of this in the movie during torture scenes. I've never really watched Jennifer Lawrence in movies before and unfortunately she didn't impress me in the role - she doesn't look like a ballerina, doesn't move like one so that for me fell flat on its face. Her acting in the role wasn't convincing to me either, just didn't feel real and her Russian accent sounded phony. I was impressed with the acting of her opposite in the role Joel Edgerton. He looked real in the role. Also surprise guest appearances by Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons. Except like Jennifer Lawrence their Russian accents sounded phony - Charlotte Rampling acting worked for acting a Russian, but not so Jeremy Irons. Nice to hear his voice though.
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I watched Red Sparrow last weekend. It's kind of made me wonder if it's sponsored by CIA or something. But again most of Spy movies are like this. I agree with #deanhills, Jennifer Lawrence doesn't look like a ballerina. You need to be more skinny for that. haha.

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