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Video downloader
Which video downloader do you have installed on your OS ? Is it IDM aka Internet Download Manager ? Is there any good free options on the same ?
I use uc browser and free download manager. Mostly that is.

There are other options to download whole channels or record strand etc. They are goed too.
If I need to download vide from youtube I have onlinevideoconverter addon for browser and it works well.
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you can paste your videos url to savefrom .net than youll get download link Smile
- Sorry for my bad English

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For downloading videos from youtube, I mostly use Youtube Video Downloader. It's a good program, always does the job for me.
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I use Internet Download Manager. I personally recommened this download manager. And in Maxthon Browser we get the Download option.
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I use an online service, You don't have to pay or install anything, although it often asks you to pay or download and install an extension, but you can simple skip it and use the free online version.
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I personally recommend IDM (Internet Download Manager) I'm using it since then. It has lot's of features and for me it really suites my needs to download a video, music, files and etc.
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