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Forum Rules
  1. Do not insult anybody whether he is an administrator or a member.
  2. Only English is allowed in the Forum.
  3. No swearing or profanity allowed.  This is seen as a sign of disrespect.
  4. Do not post spam in any part of the forum whether it is a thread or a PM - this may lead to an instant ban of your account.  Please note one-liner posts that don't make a contribution to the topic of discussion are looked at as spam and removed from the Forum.
  5. Do not hijack topics of discussion with your own discussion.  Hijacked posts will be removed from the discussion.
  6. Do not resell the VPSs which are provided by Post4VPS (Root access sharing).  It is also against the rules of our sponsors to sell any related services from the VPS including web hosting.
  7. Do not copy-paste any materials from the Web without putting the material in quotation marks and giving credit to the source.  Copy paste is the same as plagiarism and not only against our Forum rules, but also the Web rules.
  8. Using code tags instead of quote tags to copy paste materials is forbidden. Code tags can only be used for code. When code tags are used to quote non-code text, the post will be deleted and result in a warning.
  9. Do not create more than one account.  Please note this is monitored and if found you are using two accounts will lead to an immediate ban of both accounts.
  10. Abbreviated URL's are not allowed and will be removed from your post.  Depending on the content of the post that may be removed also.
  11. Do not bump a thread that is older than 1 month in order to place the thread at the top of the forum.
  12. Do not use proxies or a VPN in this forum.
  13. Do not post any type of illegal content here.
  14. Do not make low quality posts in order to get VPS faster.
  15. Treat your VPS details confidentially.  It is your responsibility to keep the VPS safe.
  16. Signature links are only allowed after 10 posts.  Content can be removed if it breaks any of our Forum Rules or Spam Policy.
  17. No porn allowed.  This will lead to an immediate and permanent ban of the Forum Account.
  18. If you are posting an affiliate link of something then you also need to post a non-affiliate link of that thing too (also tell this is a sponsored link if you promote sites or etc)
  19. Please Read Our Terms And Conditions Before starting here TOC
  20. Please Read Our Anti Spam Policy Before start Posting Spam Policy
  21. Don't create unnecessary and big quotes. Quote only the relevant content to that you want to reply
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1st Offence = 30%-50% Warning for 1 Month
2nd Offence = 50% Warning for 2 Months
3rd Offence = -1 Reputation
4th Offence = -3 Reputation
5th Offence = Temporary Ban up-to 2 months
7th Offence = Permanent Ban
Some Exceptions : 
Multi-account = Permanent Ban without Warning
Abusing: 70% Warning
+90% Warning = Permanent BAN

More Rules can possibly be added in future so keep visiting this page.
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