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User Registration

Some parts of this forum may require you to be logged in and registered. Registration is free and takes a few minutes to complete. You are encouraged to register; once you register you will be able to post messages, set your own preferences, and maintain a profile. Some of the features that generally require registration are subscriptions, changing of styles, accessing of your Personal Notepad and emailing forum members. To register an account visit

Profile Update

At some point during your stay, you may decide you need to update some information such as your instant messenger information, your password, or your email address. You may change any of this information from your user control panel. To access this control panel, simply click on the link in the upper right hand corner of most any page entitled "User CP". From there, simply choose the appropriate link under the "Your Profile" section and change or update any desired items, then proceed to click the submit button located at the bottom of the page for changes to take effect.

Use of cookies on our Forum

Our Forum is based on MyBB therefore makes use of cookies to store your login information if you are registered, and your last visit if you are not. Cookies are small text documents stored on your computer; the cookies set by this forum can only be used on this website and pose no security risk. Cookies on this forum also track the specific topics you have read and when you last read them. To clear all cookies set by this forum, you can click here.

Logging In and Logging Out

When you login, you set a cookie on your machine so that you can browse the forums without having to enter in your username and password each time. Logging out clears that cookie to ensure nobody else can browse the forum as you. To login, simply click the login link at the top right hand corner of the forum. To log out, click the log out link in the same place. In the event you cannot log out, clearing cookies on your machine will take the same effect.

Posting a New Thread

When you go to a forum you are interested in and you wish to create a new thread (or topic), simply choose the button at the top and bottom of the forums entitled "New Thread". Please take note that you may not have permission to post a new thread in every forum as your administrator may have restricted posting in that forum to staff or archived the forum entirely.

Posting a Reply

During the course of your visit, you may encounter a thread to which you would like to make a reply. To do so, simply click the "New Reply" button at the bottom or top of the thread. Please take note that your administrator may have restricted posting to certain individuals in that particular forum. Additionally, a moderator of a forum may have closed a thread meaning that users cannot reply to it. There is no way for a user to open such a thread without the help of a moderator or administrator.

What is considered Low Quality?

Low quality is considered one-liner, bump posting, Necroposting, hijacking other threads and irrelevant posting.
Bump posting are small text that doesn't mean anything than unnecessary attention
Also saying thanks and nothing else is considered spam.
Please tell us WHY you agree/disagree.
or by saying thanks tell is what you like about it.
And what are the downsides?.

What is a VPS?

VPS or sometimes referred as VM are small servers running on a dedicated/cloud infrastructure maintaining different number of virtual computing machines under a single dedicated machine, VPS runs standalone without harming the main resources as they work as guest machines any code changes should effect the VPS/VM only not the whole dedicated servers. You can find more about VPS on here.

How can i get a VPS from Post4VPS?

For Applying you have to do a required number of posts in the forum and wait for giveaways of VPS in order to get VPS. Normally the Giveaway happens to be in starting of the month, the more amount of posts the maximum chances of winning the VPS.

You have to do the following task in ordered to get VPS:
*Post 25 Posts
*Warning level should be 0%
*Credits must be equal or above $100

What are the requirements to keep my VPS?

You have to do the following task every month in order to keep the VPS active:
Post 20 posts
Warning level should be below 50%

At least 1 review of VPS in VPS review section which you got from us (remember this only applies at once)
Note: We can't force you to make a review. it wouldn't count as a legitimate one

How to connect my server?

To connect your server you have to first make sure what OS is installed on your VPS and connection details from your VPS application thread includes server IP, Username, password and port(if any).

For Linux VPS
You have to connect through SSH like on a linux platform just use ssh root@serverip and enter the server password when asked, while on windows you have to rely on a client that support shh like Putty(you can download it from here, after downloading it open it and fill out the connection details like server ip and port it will ask you the username and password when hit the connect(open) button.
The second option is to use by the help of VNC but for VNC you have to make sure your server support VNC by default servers are not able to use VNC unless configured properly except for some VPS providers who don't SHH by default they provide VNC instead of SSH. To connect by VNC download and install any VNC client like realVNC and connect using the details provided in application thread(or if you setup these by yourself).

For Windows VPS
To connect with your Windows server from windows platform simply open "Remote Desktop Connection from your start menu > All programs > Accessories and enter your server ip and enter user name(default administrator) and password if prompt following by your application thread.
To connect to your windows server from Linux Platform you have to install a RDP client package like "Remmina Remote Desktop Client" and follow the the on-screen instructions after installing and opening the RDP client.

What are Credits and Quality Credits?

We uses a MyBB plugin known as Newpoints system to calculate credits for each post and thread, while quality credit is the rule introduced recently for VPS holders to be able to post more then 4 creditable posts daily if their quality credits are above definitive value for the detailed explaination please visit

How do we earn Credits?

Our users can earn credits by doing activities included but not limited to posting, creating threads, referring users, etc for detailed credit structure kindly visit

Can i transfer my credits to my friend?

NO! you can't we don't allow user's to recieve credits from other user's as they are not earned by user himselp if he didn't earned his credits then he is not qualify for the VPS.

I didn't recieved any credits for some of my posts.

We disabled the credit system to not count any credits and these would be the forums that comes under offtopic including Introduction and Testing/Junk.

My Account is not activated and i didn't recieved any activation email.

If by any technical error you didn't recieved any activation email we advise that you send an email to help[@] from the same email address that you have registered an account with, and we will surely help you out.

I have been suspended.

User accounts mainly been suspended because of abuse and any violation in our Rules and/or Terms and Conditions whether these are from us(Post4VPS) or your server provider(Sponsor). If you thinks you have been suspended mistakenly or anything is wrong in our decision you are free to contact us though our contact form or by sending out an email to help[@] we will glad to resolve your issues.

I lost my VPS.

The major reason you lost your VPS is that you failed to Complete the "Monthly required posts" to maintain your VPS. However you are free to request again a VPS in upcoming Giveaways but there will be deduction of $100 points from your account to maintain the community standards.

My VPS is no longer functioning.

The only reason we can think of is either your VPS have encounter a technical fault or has been suspended. In any way you are free to post your problem in out VPS support forum and we will take a look on it as soon as we can.

I want to switch my VPS.

If you are want to switch your VPS you have to wait for a giveaway and request for the new VPS your old VPS will be canceled and you will get the new VPS if you qualified for that. There is no deduction of points from your account since your account was active and maintains the community standards.

Can i contact the provider/sponsor directly?

NO! You are not allowed in any condition to contact the provider("sponsor) directly whether your VPS is not working or something is wrong with their services. You need to open a thread at VPS Support or Private VPS support(in case you don't want anyone else from members to help you out).
After creating a thread someone from our staff will surely help you with your problem as soon as possible.

Where are the VPS plans?

In case you haven't found VPS Plans page please head over to also don't forget to read the full page as it also contains rules and guidelines for maintaining your VPS with us.

I don't want to Post but i want to discuss something.

We do have a shoutbox right under the forums section on or home page(not portal page) which can be used to discuss things without any need to create threads however you won't be getting any credits for discussing in shoutbox.

My Posts are not being Counted in monthly post count.

If your quality credit is not high enough then i am afraid your posts after 4 posts/day will not counted as monthly posts, also posts comes under offtopic and private(VPS support and VPS request) sections are not counted as well no matter if your quality credit is high or not.

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