Posted by: Pacific Spirit - 07-31-2021, 09:37 AM - Forum: Free VPS Providers - Replies (4)
Dear members,

As you know, we previously offered free VPS with large limits from my old data center in America. A new era has arrived for HostLease and the free service! We already offered Free Shared Hosting in Luxembourg (Offshore - Host Anything) but now the Free VPS is also coming back. This time it is not as limited as the previous free VPS version. We are currently working on some preparations for the new VPS.

UPDATE: v0.5 (Out-dated)
VPSes, Forum applied.
Client Panel enabled.
UPDATE: v0.6 (Out-dated)
ToS Rules has been added.
UPDATE: v0.7 (Out-dated)
New Table list.
New VPS plans.
UPDATE: v0.8 (Out-dated)
New posting and specs.
UPDATE: v0.9 (Current)
Terms Of Services (ToS)

1.) You must be Joined our Discord and our FORUM (Prevent spammers and abusers).
2.) You must have 5 posts to qualify for a free VPS.
3.) Thanks the admins with the list of VPS'es.
4.) You must keep 5 posts per month at LNB-Hosting to hold your VPS.

Q: What if I don't make 5 posts per month?
A: Your VPS will be deleted and be placed for empty space
Q: I have a VPS plan, can I downgrade my higher VPS plan to a lower one?
A: No, once you upgrade your VPS you cannot downgrade. You will need to terminate your VPS and wait 5 days to request again.
Q: I lost my VPS can I apply again?
A: No, you must wait at least 5 days.
Q: I had a VPS before the closure of the previous VPS, can I get it directly?
A: Yes, users who claimed a VPS can obitain a free VPS without doing anything 1st month. (Verification is needed)
Q: How many VPS can I claim?
A: just 1 (one).
Q: Is the VPS offshore and can I do what I want?
A: No, you will have to read and following plus respecting the rules!
Q: My VPS cannot be started, how does this come?
A: it can take 2-4 hours till templates are synced fine.
Q: What happend if my VPS is unused?
A: If you haven't you use VPS within 48h then will we terminate it.
Any questions? No fine, let me know if you have any And tell me if you like.

Discord is: Pacific Spirit#1459
WhatsApp: +31 6 143 55 166
Posted by: Dynamo - 07-21-2021, 09:51 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (22)
Dear Members,

This has been a very difficult decision to make.  Post4VPS has been around for 70 Giveaways and during the course of all this time, we have bonded into a great community.  When was first created in August 2015 I was very proud of the achievement.  I never thought it would turn out as successful as it had at the time.  Especially in the beginning, the Forum was very active with many active sponsors as well.

Unfortunately, times have changed for hosting forums as everyone is well aware off.  I was planning to continue for a little while longer with our new-look theme.  However, during the process of being much closer to all of the files, I made a shocking discovery that our Forum had been compromised as far back as before February 2018.  I discovered an exploit with the dbkiss.php  that didn't belong. Then more files as I was searching deeper. This has been a great and most unacceptable shock to me as of course how can our members have trust in the Forum now? How can I have trust in the Forum ever again.  The Forum has been irretrievably compromised.  I've learned that even if we were to clean up the files that look like exploit files, we'll never really know whether the Forum will be clean again.  Also if we should restart the Forum database clean and from scratch, with the few members we have presently it wouldn't justify the expense. 

I've therefore come to the most difficult decision to close the Forum with the effect of 1st of August.  VPS Holders will have until the 1st of August to empty their VPSs that will be handed back to the sponsors.
Also, New user registrations are disabled.

As far as immediate remedies are concerned.  We have completely and permanently deleted all of the VPS Requests with personal info in them.  We have also closed and disabled the Request Forum for now.  As well as changed all of the passwords where passwords have been used.  We strongly urge our members to do the same with their passwords for the Forum and VPS as long as you will still be using them.

To say that I'm sorry to end the Forum is a great understatement.  It is and was very important to me, and I so much looked forward to continuing with the new-look, and expanding the forum furthermore.  But unfortunately with the hacking that has been discovered, even with three years ago, I think the Forum has been compromised too much for us to be able to continue with it.

I would like to thank all our past and present sponsors for backing the forum. Also All Forum staff for keeping the forum so user friendly, specially @deanhills for organizing the giveaways flawlessly and Lastly all the members for participating actively in the discussions, It means alot.

Please receive my humble appreciation for all of your support during the years.  I will certainly miss it very much.  I hope we won't lose touch and if you should have time to say hello, please feel welcome to find us at the Discord Forum.
Invite link:

[Image: widget.png?style=shield]

Kind Regards,
Posted by: sagher - 07-20-2021, 04:10 PM - Forum: Hobbies - No Replies
Hello all beloved members ! Hope you all fine and enjoying New Theme and your Life indeed.

I am here to wish you all a Blessed  Heart EID-UL-AZHA Heart . a EID of sacrifice yourself for faith and nation. 
We wish that world thrown back all kind of WAR ideas and hatred. and live with peace and kind for others and world become a one Nation.
Every country will be a one priority to love each others, kind for others, and sacrifice for each others.
Posted by: Littlemaster - 07-20-2021, 03:00 AM - Forum: Internet Technology - Replies (2)
A few days ago I received a strange call from a lady from a far away location. As the call seemed a bit strange, I took the phone with care. I heard a voice of a lady. She wasn't properly saying "hello", but her voice was of a kind of flirting "hlo". I became more anxious. I waited once again before responding to the lady. Once again her voice is "hlo". I felt something serious and I disconnected the phone. She tried again, but I just left the call as missed. The next day once again she called when I was speaking with someone else. After disconnecting the call, I dialled her number and she took up the phone with the same hlo. I replied this time with a serious tone "hello". But her question was what is your name?. She called me without knowing who is me. I disconnected and blocked the number.
Privacy is a serious concern in the new era. Even informations are leaking through missed calls. Pegasus, a spyware or Trojan horse created by NSO is trending news in India after accused of hacking information from well known people over phone. It installs itself on the victim's phone whether it is Android or iPhone.Then leaks data including media and various logs. Finally it disappears itself without leaving any evidence. This was created by an Israeli company in the sake of restricting crime and terrorism. It seems used to target high profiled people. I don't know who were attacked recently. But I feel the privacy under risk.
Posted by: Pocomaster - 07-19-2021, 11:45 AM - Forum: Others - Replies (2)
SSD Reseller hosting is easy with Hostpoco as you can quickly and inexpensively have your account online with WHM, SSD Storage, free SSL, and LiteSpeed/Apache webserver. It is considered to be the best form of web hosting in which the account owner is given the accessibility to use his or her allotted hard drive to create their own packages. We have the best ssd reseller hosting plans that come with the latest speed technology, 24/7 support, max Cpanel accounts, WHM panel, and many more amazing features.

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✓ 120GB Web Space
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Know More:

Thank you.
Posted by: Dynamo - 07-19-2021, 07:21 AM - Forum: Test/Informal Chat - Replies (2)
Thread Views testing...
Posted by: fChk - 07-18-2021, 08:47 AM - Forum: VPS Reviews - No Replies
It happens that NanoKVM was the first truly free service I got a NAT-VPS from since I joined this community -ie it's running for 17 months and counting.. The specs are indeed modest but the service is astonishingly reliable and with pretty good overall performance as well.

Recently I asked for a VM migration from the Eygelshoven/Netherlands (NL) node to its Nuremberg/Germany (DE) node. This request was motivated by the desire to upgrade the RAM to 2GB, the Nuremberg/Germany node being the only one having that option available. @Neoon graciously created a new VM on the Nuremberg node as his Proxmox setup doesn't support clustering.

This review's objective is to attempt a comparison of the 2 VMs which will largely reflect:
1-> the performance of the 2 nanoKVM nodes and
2-> the way Neoon partitioned(/capped)  their resources among the running VMs on them.

Before we begin, here are the nodes setup based on this NanoKVM info_page:
             The Nuremberg (DE) node         The Eygelshoven (NL) node
CPU:           Intel i9-9900K @ 3.60GHz        Intel Xeon E5-2643 @ 3.30GHz
Memory:        64GB DDR4                       32GB ECC DDR3
HDD:           2x 1TB NVMe (SW Raid 1)         2x 240GB SSD (SW Raid 1)
Traffic:         Unlimited @ 1000Mbit            2TB @ 1000Mbit
(*) Code tag used because data are formatted as a table

From the above table we can see that the German(/DE) node uses a recent, highly perfrmant desktop CPU backed by 64GB of non-ECC DDR4 RAM and an NVMe SSD storage while the NL's node has a 2K12 E5-class server CPU backed by 32GB ECC DDR3 RAM and SATA-based SSD storage.

With those specs in mind, we can now turn our attention into how my 2 NanoKVM VMs are doing on those 2 nodes, performance-wise. Before we get started, I must say that I will also break down this review into a series of posts each one dealing with one resource only.

In this post, I'll only pinpoint to the chipsets, ie the QEMU's machine type, used by NanoKVM VMs.

To answer the question of what virtual hardware did NanoKVM put into their NAT-VPS(s) ?
1. NanoKVM VMs Used Machine-type:
As shown below both NanoKVM VMs are using  the most recent version of the old PC machine-type (ie pc-i440fx-5.2, as of QEMU version 5.2.0.) using the latest Seabios version: 1.14.0, released on Aug. 2020.
[root @ natvps ~]# lshw         
    description: Computer
    product: Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996)
    vendor: QEMU
    version: pc-i440fx-5.2
    width: 64 bits
    capabilities: smbios-2.8 dmi-2.8 vsyscall32
    configuration: boot=normal uuid=xxxxxxxxx
       description: Motherboard
       physical id: 0
          description: BIOS
          vendor: SeaBIOS
          physical id: 0
          date: 0x/0x/201x
          size: 96KiB

[root @ natvps ~]# lshw -businfo
Bus info          Device      Class      Description
                              system     Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996)
                              bus        Motherboard
                              memory     96KiB BIOS
[email protected]:00:00.0              bridge     440FX - 82441FX PMC [Natoma]
[email protected]:00:01.0              bridge     82371SB PIIX3 ISA [Natoma/Triton II]

As we'll see going forward, both VMs are using the same virtual hardware config. The only difference I've noticed in the full output of 'lshw' command is that the DE node's VM is missing the memory virtio_balloon driver. This is demonstrated by listing the loaded virtIO drivers into the kernel:
> NL node VM:
[root @ natvps_NL ~]# lsmod | grep virt
virtio_balloon         20480  0
virtio_net             53248  0
net_failover           24576  1 virtio_net
virtio_scsi            20480  2
> DE node VM:
[root @ natvps_DE ~]$ lsmod | grep virt
virtio_net             53248  0
net_failover           24576  1 virtio_net
virtio_scsi            20480  2

We may comeback to this later..

Stay tuned for the next post!..
Posted by: Mashiro - 07-16-2021, 10:40 AM - Forum: Suggestions and Feedback - Replies (36)
Please report all issues you can find with the new design in this thread so it is all collected and visible in a single thread instead of being thrown around the forum in the shoutbox, private messages and etc.

- I find the theme unusable on mobile devices because you cannot even see who posted a post and other things are also barely visible. This however seems to only happen when you disable the display of avatars.


Avatar disabled:
[Image: JvbC7LF.png]
(Look at the area in the red frame)

Avatar enabled:
[Image: wdghuS5.png]
Posted by: sagher - 07-12-2021, 12:17 PM - Forum: Offtopic - Replies (13)
Hello everyone. 

About a month ago i have experience to buy a SSD which is 128GB of SAMSUNG. (Refurbished) Because the price range of new one is almost double +. and also unavailable due to COVID-19 effects. 
however i bought a one which is a combined version of Samsung and Lenovo. 
So i was so exited and wish to try its performance on different benchmark tools i got from online search.
The following are: 

Samsung Magician 
Crystal Disk Mark
Crystal Disk Info 
Hard Disk Sentinel
ATTO Disk bench

All works good and what the thing is almost every tool gives me some different results. 
So i wish to ask from all of you that which one is best and accurate to measure exact or closed approx. value of my disk health?
Posted by: Littlemaster - 07-11-2021, 03:01 PM - Forum: Internet Technology - Replies (14)
Hello everyone,
I need to know how safe is our telegram bots are? I need to set a welcome text in a particular group, which will send terms and rules of group to the new joined user.
This group is of teachers who are going to be in government schools. That means they will be much concerned about their privacy. I think teachers take care of each points, so criticism will come. They fear hacking. Let me know the safest way to do this.
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