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[CLOSED] 59th Giveaway
(08-01-2020, 01:28 PM)ikk157 Wrote: Also was just wondering, didn’t @rudra let go of VPS 4? I just noticed that it’s not in this giveaway and rudra is still the holder of VPS 4... seems like I misunderstood.

@ikk157.  @rudras still the holder of VPS 4.  But yes, you're right, he did think out loud in the Shoutbox, but confirmed definite ownership in a Private VPS Support discussion later.  "Definite" of course is always subject to change as rudra can always apply for a new VPS during the current Giveaway. But yes, if and when he should decide to apply for a new VPS, then technically VPS 4 will only become available during the next Giveaway in September.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
What a good giveaway from p4v!
Good luck to all applicants Heart
Another great giveaway with awesome 10 specs VPS's and 17 numbers to apply. VPS-9 is again part of giveaway. also vps-1 and vps-5 and vps-8 with infinity B/W is a great option. Best of luck all appliers and congrats to winner in advance.
It is a great giveaway as always. There are lot of good and stable VPSs in terms of resources and providers.
All the best to everyone to get a super VPS.

Thank you  Sweet

(08-01-2020, 04:30 AM)rudra Wrote: oh man ! I am so tempted to go apply for that vps 5. cause 6 GB ram and non ecc are non issues for me. what is most tempting is the slightly higher powered cpu threads. and 400gb hoarding space is cool too. lol

when compared to vps5, are we allowed to use cpu for longer duration on vps 5 at higher utilisation rates ? higher means above 90 percent sustained use of the alloted threads?

Though I remember you saying in reply to the review that cpu in vps 5 was in effect dedicated, unless abused. i am just feeling curious and trying to compare i guess.

You may exceed 90% of CPU usage but only for resource-intensive operations. Holding for more than 30 minutes at 90% will result in suspension.
And no, it is no more dedicated CPU.

(08-01-2020, 09:30 PM)LightDestory Wrote: Here we go, another amazing giveaway! Guys don't let VPS 9 be vacant! Fight for it and get it! You won't regret.

After almost 1 year of amazing usage of VPS 9 by VirMach, I would like to try VPS 5 from @Manal 's Shadow Hosting but I am a bit scared about strict policy.
Don't mistake me, my adventure with VirMarch is amazing, you will see me suggest to get VPS 9 to everybody because the VPS and staff behind them are amazing. I do an average/high usage of system's resources and I have also suffered a DDoS of about 75GB of data between VirMach's network and Cloudflare's network. They took down the VPS just once, then they sent just notify about the status.
Right now I am a bit scared to apply for any other VPS because I don't know if it can happen again and how the provider will respond to it.

DDoS shouldn't be an issue with Shadow hosting. We have pretty strong overall DDoS protection. However, if the attack is software/game-specific, it may bypass the protection(which is rare) and in that case, our ToS applies where heavy incoming DDoS attacks leads to temperory suspension unless it is either fixable from our DC's end.

In multiple both controlled and uncontrolled environment, we did multiple testings on both of our main nodes to stress test to it's limit. The attack lasted for 5 minutes at first, second and third wave didn't had any affect on it.
We tried testing 3 days later(incase mitigation is toggled back off), and it didn't even drop for a second. It is safe to say that Shadow Hosting's node is well-protected against majority of booter-based attacks which are largely used to attack servers and communities to cause outage.
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Having VPS 5 on the available list makes this giveaway a lot more attractive. I guess almost everyone applying for this month will try to apply for this high spec VPS 5.

But for me I think I will still stick with my VPS 9 atm, because it is enough for me and is so stable. Smile

amazing giveaway. so many great VPS are being gifted in this giveaway! i wish the best luck to all people who are participate and if you would not have such like in this giveaway then i wish you luck on the next giveaway!. by the way i wonder how people have allowed themself to lose such great vps like vps 9 or 5 or even vps 7 which has great CPU! i bet they will reclaim it back on the coming giveaway
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!
Thx @OldMeister

As predicted VPS 5 has had a good response.

There is still time for those thinking of putting in a request for a VPS. However, looks like VPS 5 may have found a holder with a very good justification for the specs. Hopefully an announcement about the winners will be made later in the day.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
Congratulations to the following two winners of the 59th Giveaway:

VPS 2 - @Amresh
VPS 5 - @Honey

Unfortunately there were only 3 applications during this Giveaway. One didn't provide adequate justification and only asked for the two high-spec VPSs. As previously mentioned, there is a higher quality of justification needed for using the high-spec VPSs as well as demonstrated (through posts or previous ownership) ability of being able to manage a high-spec VPS responsibly.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
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