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[CLOSED] 61st Giveaway
This giveaway is absolutely amazing! 24VPS and literally there are almost 6 BEASTLY VPSS!! The VPS 13 Specs looks so decent and with 20GB NVME Storage and VPS 15 is totally a different new VPS! Good luck for everyone who is gonna be applying in this giveaway and there are few new users also posting for VPS that is really great to see that too

Thanks to ReadyDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!

Really amazing giveaway once again at Post4VPS. As far as I see there are some really awesome VPSes including one which has NVMe storage - VPS 13 - probably for the first time in the history of Post4VPS.

Apart from that there are the new VPSes by CubeData, Lampard and previous beasts like VPS 9. It's gonna be a big giveaway with what I feel would have an enormous number of applications.

Good luck to all participants! Smile
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

Heartiest thanks to Post4VPS and Virmach for my wonderful VPS 9!
First, have to thank @deanhills for making such a detailed give away post! Well a month or two ago I was wonder how many servers will be left in couple of months. But it seems every give away has some good VPS to be taken. So we have 3 8GB servers and 1 4GB VPS avaliable this time. But VPS13 which only has 2GB RAM looks quite interesting because of it's location (Finland). It has 20GB SSD space and a control panel which makes it even look better.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Just like always a huge number of VPS's are available. There are a lot of new VPS's with outstanding specs. I am going to grab one of these.I hope everyone will get what they wish for. Best of Luck to all applicants.

Thanks a million to our sponsors for new VPS's.

Thanks to Post4VPS and Hostlease for their great services.  
I'm going to join this giveaway Big Grin. Thanks for all sponsors both old and new one. Very happy to have you all on board with Post4VPS.

VPS 13 looks nice with 2GB RAM should suit my need for a VPS. When I was with VPS 8 it's a waste of resource since I usually never run to 3/4 of its capacity. So with VPS 13 that should suit my need already.

As usual, good luck for everyone joining the giveaway!
Thanks to Limitless Hosting and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!
Another giveaway thats really good to see new vps have been added in list I go for vps 10 because ogp panel is instal in vps 10 so I don't want to loose it
thank you post4vps and  racknerd for wonderful vps3  Heart
This VPS Giveaway was awesome particularly since we've had a great number of applications compared from previously.  It may not sound like many, but the 8 applications we received compared with 1 and 2 over the last three months, were awesome response for me.  

During September we were also completely blown away by the interest of sponsors to add VPSs.  Post4VPS wants to express its appreciation again to Limitless Hosting (@Lampard  ) for VPS 13, BladeNode (@phoenixwolf ) for VPS 14, and Cubedata (@cubedata ) for VPS 15.  Three awesome new VPSs.  These are much appreciated, many thanks!  Cool

We are happy to announce the following winners of this month's Giveaway:

VPS 8  - @tbelldesignco
VPS 10 - @Khadeer143
VPS 13 - @tiwil
VPS 14 - @LightDestory
VPS 18 - (18-1) @OldMeister  (18-2) @sAmI

Note to the Winners:  Access to the VPSs will be posted to your VPS Request during the course of the day but not later than the end of the day.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
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