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[Giveaway] 1x .Edu email account
(04-20-2019, 08:44 PM)deanhills Wrote: I wish people can understand that for your school to qualify for any free service it has to be a subscriber to that free service first.  Like even if it is a school, if it isn't subscribed to the free service, then it is logical that the domain attached to the .edu won't be recognized by the service.  So the logical thing to do is to check with the IT team of the school you belong to.  And find out which free programs you are entitled to and the school is subscribing to.  Like with Microsoft it often works with the licenses that the school is subscribing to.  Like a package deal.  And what can come out of that deal is an almost free MS Office for all students and staff of the school - like maybe 12 US$ of something like that.  Or the "Dreamspark" Microsoft program where Windows licenses and a selection of software are given for free.  If you want a free service that is provided to schools and you find your school is not included, then ask your IT Team if they can try and get the school subscribed for that free service - like get them to apply for it on your behalf.

Are you sure about that? My high school wasn't in any free service list and I was granted Github student pack under using it's email that ends in .org. Same thing with Amazon Prime, I used my high's school email to get amazon prime, the extra step here was to just show an ID and you are good to go. Maybe this is only in the U.S.
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Sorry guys, but this thread getting off-topic. You can create separate thread about .EDU email address or discuss in private.
@deanhills can reopened this thread anytime if he want.

Giveaway is closed, I will see if i can do more giveaways or make some events after my exams.
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