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Has any one taken Ivermectin or knows of someone who used it?
Thank you for the feedback and link to an article @fChk.  @tbelldesignco yes - Ivermectin is a veterinary medication for animals mostly for killing parasites.  There are people here in South Africa who have been making a strong case for Ivermectin.  It's banned for over the counter purchase - especially since people started to import it in huge quantities, as doctors say the veterinary preparation is unfit for human consumption.  However, in South Africa there are now preparations for humans of Ivermectin but strictly on prescription only.  Which is not ideal because of the time it takes to get the prescription approved.  My sister's doctor says that when he had Covid 19 a few months back, and it got bad, he took Ivermectin and it helped him.

In the meanwhile I checked out alternatives for Ivermectin and found an interesting study on use of Neem.

There are a number of studies - also:
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