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Recorded in my home (Ghost parnomal activity)
Hello guys I'm sure many don't believe that ghost  exists , I also thought same that there were no ghosts or superpower humans  present in this future so this video recorded in my house on last Wednesday I was watching TV and my mom,grandmom were taking nap  in bedroom, so I just walk by from my TV room to bedroom to call my mom at that time lights were switched off so I switched on lights of bedroom , I turn to right side of a wall in bedroom and suddenly "my eyes witness a shadow of ghost appears through wall so first I was amazed by seeing that shaplesss figure I thought it may be from glasses or any other objects shadow flash I check front of wall and side of wall weather any objects are there which cause shadows I call my mom weather I can only one to  see or others also can see same ghost shadow, even my mom and grand mom also seen same incident of ghost shadow through wall unfortunaly there were no sounds,movements from that ghost shadow we were scared shouted ,I switched off lights and again switched on lights of bedroom this time that ghost figure was invisible there was no figure or shadow of ghost on wall even but  we still scared so we lookup  for some elders to do prayers in my home till now we didnt spoted any more parnomal activities but I'm still scared we locked that room permanent for now we will soon leave the current home and move to new home below is the recorded video ,don't think it is fake guys !
thank you post4vps and  racknerd for wonderful vps3  Heart
Do not see no ghost or no unreal sudden object thing person in this movie ? What you talking about ? Please give right time in movie when i see ghost . I check again. Please

How can you say how can you willingly take recording camera and catch ghost ? Ghost is not movie star.

Do you not think may be like light dark play trick with eye sight ? Just magicians use this type trick to fool many more person gatherings.

Don't believe ghosts. We say bhoots. Bhoot

I like bhoot story.
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