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Reseller Hosting - Become a Web Hosting Reseller For Free!
YouHosting was offically started in December 2009, owned by Hostinger Ltd, they own YouHosting before but let the project abondoned which is very very sad. In the 2nd half of 2022 took the HostLease Media Group NL the advantage to reborn YouHosting with a new domain extension. YouHosting offers now the same features as what they offer in the first but now only with lower prices which we can afford to offer. Some people ask for how long this service will be free? Answer is simple: we own several other successful hosting brands and software companies so we have enough potential to run this completely new and free service. Additionally we earn from upgrades and we never plan to discontinue this service.

Free Plan becomes with those features:
Price: $0
Disk Space Per Domain: 10GB SSD
Bandwidth Per Domain: 100GB/mo
Shared Accounts: 10 (By 150 forum posts you get unlimited shared account to be hosted)
Master Domain: 1
Max FTP Users: 2
Max Email Accounts: 2
Max Subdomain: 2
Max Mailbox Size: 20MB
Max MySQL Databases: 2
Max MySQL Connection Per Hour: 20000
Max Unique Visitors per day: 10000
Limited Guarantees
Forum Support
Instant Activation
99,95% uptime
And much more!

Q: What Control Panel do you use?
A: We are using DirectAdmin for reduce and keep this project running!
Q: How long will this be available?
A: As long as we don't have to much complaints from the RSA Europe S.A
Q: How much DA resource do we get?
A: Each free user have 512MB of usable RAM Resources, CPU 10% per domain.
Q: Can everyone signup from any country?
A: Yes, unlike as they have 38 countries banned, but at us is this not happend. If we getting 100 accounts from the same country and they abuse, they will be marked as "High-Risk-Country" and will not able to signup anymore. (RUSSIAN USERS CAN SIGNUP AS WELL)
Q: My account is suspended, can it be unsuspended?
A: If the violation has been done by an accedent then is it possible, otherwise is the suspension permanent.

Any other questions? Just contact us.

Link to YouHosting is
You can mail us: [email protected]
Is the free VIP upgrade possible as well? In short, yes it is, now you do not need to make 150 posts but just 50! This will make customers shows what premium reseller hosting is. You can use the hosting how you wanted!

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