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Resources for writing a review
Sorry for the very late reply @LightDestory.

I don't list my own 2 script because it is outdated and I can't even maintain it anymore due to loss of access to my GitHub account. A VERY HUGE thanks for enabling 2FA without even asking me or telling me... clever idea GitHub/Microsoft. The reason for the script to take long and fail at Washington is very simple. The Softlayer server for that location is down. wget/curl will be trying to access the server over and over again until it gives up and sadly it seems like the script doesn't continue after that (depending on which option you executed).

Anyway. No one ever really bothered to help out with the script and request merges with fixes and improvements. Mostly people forked it to make their own version with different format, servers and etc. No issue with that.

I doubt that the usage of such scripts is against the AUP or ToS of a VPS or hosting provider. You're running some simple tests over a short period of time. If a bit of benchmarking is a violation of AUP/ToS I would advise you to cancel the service and run away from such a provider. Never look back...
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