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Shadow Hosting  VPS 5 - Shadow Hosting - VPS Review
So finally I have started doing the VPS Review for Sponsored VPS 5 which I received last month. Rather thing doing just benchmark focused review, I thought it's better try going into details of technical side as well as different different aspects of the server as well as VPS provider from user point of view. So I won't be doing one long post with everything but a set of posts in this thread discuses various things separately.

So lets start from the beginning. lost vps2 along with the sponsor somewhere between end of February to begin of March. So I lost the VPS which I had used since 2017. Compared to specs of servers we have today here it's not an one with high specs but it worked very well without downtime. Only once I had to make a support thread about it from 2017 to 2020. So after that I was given VPS5 from ShadowHosting which has far more superior specs than the lost vps.

What's VPS 5 -

So it's one to the best servers we have at It comes with,
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 300 GB HDD.
  • 1 x Ipx4 Address.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • KVM Virtualization.
  • 1 Gbps Connection.
  • Virtualizor Control Panel.
  • Location Germany.
So if you look at all servers we have here I think it's safe to say VPS5 is the best vps next to VPS4. Okey, VPS4 take the cake since it's a massive beast with 10GB RAM ( @rudra , you lucky bugger!! ). So there are 2  x VPS5 servers available and the other older is @humanpuff69 who has already written a review for this server. You can read that one here > Link <. He added lots of benchmarks and technical info in that thread about the vps.

Specs show's it can handle a decent size game server or web server pretty well without any hiccups. My plan has been setting up a secondary web server so my main server can have bit of breathing space. First I had a small worry since the server is in Germany and my main traffic is from North America so I was wondering if this would make sites loading slow for audience. I did test and it didn't make a big difference. Also I like it having KVM along with Virtualizor panel.

It's not my thing but it's really great ShadowHosting allows it to be used to as game server. These days it's very hard to find free game server providers. Also they do offer premium Game servers for only starting from 2.50 usd/Month.

Web Server -

Tried to install VestaCP first but that didn't work. Nothing to do with server but the Ubuntu version I think. ubuntu-18.04-x86_64 didn't get along with VestaCP installation. So I used same OS with Cyber Panel. A new hosting panel compared to VestaCP. I got it installed without any trouble at all. Configuration was not that easy since Im totally new to it. The panel looks very clean and neat. I have moved 2 sites to test how things going and so far things are working great. Now I can move few bigger sites to the server.

VPS5 / ShadowHosting - Conclusion

ShadowHosting / @Manal has sponsored some great, high spec servers here at Post4VPS. So far I haven't had a single trouble with it. Web Server is running super fast and sites work great. So as web hosting server I can say ShadowHosting servers are great for those who want premium level Web Hosting.

They do offer hosting from UK, Fance and Germany. So many different packages of premium hosting. Shared hosting from 2.95$/month, Cloud Reseller Hosting from 18$/month, game servers from 2.50$/month, KVM VPS from 8$/month etc. You can get even 10% off from vps prices when you use the promo code NEW10. Also ShadowHosting offers Wordpress Hosting starts from 2$ per month for those who want to run a WP base website without bother about technical side much. This package is very handy for inexperinced web hosting users who want to move their blog from free to a better paid hosting package.

Check more details at >>  <<

So Here's the first part of VPS5 Review as an average web hosting user. It's fast, Stable and getting good support so nothing much more to ask. ShadowHosting does offer premium packages for very affordable prices too.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

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