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Shadow Hosting  VPS5 Review - VPS Hosting - Shadow Hosting
So the VPS5 servers are moved to a different location and received different hardware too. I guess it's time to review the new server compared to old one. So lets check the Spec list,
  • 6 GB RAM.
  • 1 Core.
  • 200 GB SSD Space.
  • 1 Gbps connection.
  • Un-metered Bandwidth.
  • KVM with Virtualizor.
  • 1x IPv4.
  • Finland Location.
  • Game Servers Allowed.
These specs make ShadowHosting Sponsored VPS5 is one of the best in our server pool. Now there are few VPS which has more RAM than this but when you look at specs in generally I would say VPS5 can beat any of those. For example VPS9 does have 8GB RAM but have no control panel. VPS15 has 8GB RAM but game servers are not allowed. I guess not everyone needs a panel but I like it. That way I can get things done faster and no need to pester staff members. So as a total package I think VPS5 take the cake as the best one among our vps.

I have used the VPS only about 12 days so I can't do full review on how sites work and performance. But I will do share what I have seen so far. Plus I guess I need to do few benchmarks of the server since nobody has posted yet. Usually I prefer to review the web server performance rather than about hardware but in this case I have to do the both. So lets start with basic Specs,

[Image: Bench-Mark.jpg]

Now you can see it has a AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12 core processor. Previous VPS had Intel Core i7 3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz. I guess it's no news that Ryzen processor is the clear winner here. But we had 2 cores with last VPS but new one has only 1. So lets do a small CPU benchmark.

[Image: Ryzen-cpu.jpg]

I think this looks quite impressive. But for those who love benchmarks I thought better run Geekbench 4 too. Got 4942 for Single-Core Score and 4689 Multi-Core Score. Anything over 4000 suppose to be exallant. You can check result is in the link below,

You can get more details about both these processors and compare in the link below. Both processors are Desktop processors.

I/O Speed -

You can see in first screen shot I/O speed is very good at average of 613.3 MB/s. That's very good IMO. Compared to other VPS i have used here so far and many I see in Reviews VPS5 have better I/O speed. Also I did a small test to check the more about the drive.

[Image: writing.jpg]

That's not bad at all. Also it's copied under 3 seconds which show's it's SSD. I think HDD would take more than 15 seconds.

Location - Finland

I was curious about the location since it's the first time I got a vps in Finland. I want my sites to load fast for North America since that's audience. So I have been checking how WordPress sites preform and results are very impressive. The sites loads for Canadian locations less than 1.3 seconds. These are not heavily loaded sites but this is impressive even for fresh WordPress installation. So I can safely recommend Shadow Hosting to anyone who looking for a WordPress Hosting.

OS and Server usage -

I'm using the VPS as a web server. 6GB RAM and 2.5 GB SWAP makes room for bigger sites than average. It's Amazing Processor and SSD space make VPS5 perfect for the job. WordPress sites preform great and I might move one of my small forums into this too. It's a Fast and powerful beast. I installed CyberPanel as web hosting panel which I have started liking a lot. First I tried to install it on Ubuntu but that didn't work. It's not a fault of this VPS since I had this problem in other servers too. So I installed CentOS 8.2.x and then everything worked so perfect. Cyberpanel installed very fast. UPtime is great too!

ShadowHosting - has been round a while steered by capable hands of @Manal. They do offer many types of Hosting Packages from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Could Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Game Server Hosting. SA:MP Servers start from $2.50 a month and Counter Strike Servers from $5.50 a month. These packages comes with DDoes protection which makes it even better. For inexperienced WordPress users ShadowHosting has a managed WordPress Hosting package.

Check their great Hosting packages and offers >> Click Here <<

Conclusion -

When you do something for a long time you start sensing things even long before you do actual test. From the moment I logged into ssh for first time I kind of started feeling this new VPS5 is faster and better. I was not wrong since i found it works fast and can take a hard bunch. So I thing I can say without a double this is the VPS from all the servers I have used here till now.  Kudos for @Manal and ShadowHosting for Sponsoring us 2great VPS.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

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